How India should tackle China?

India China border relations
  • Two countries India and china shares great lie in between them like we two are neither competitors nor rivals rather partners. It seems dictionary has altered meaning of these three words.
  • No doubt bench of negotiations works up to some extent but recent provoking by china was unavoidable to which Delhi acted on lighter side. From Kashmir to Arunanchal UPA government has shown weak response towards provocations of china.
  • We share border with china and across Himalayas we always try to establish smooth relations but still china always remain on dominant side.
Problems are:
Border problems: From last few months china has been involved in creating disturbances across LAC. In which once it forcefully help its forces in DBO (10km )in region of India for one week which was set after  flag off meeting. Breakage of surveillance cameras near border regions, not allowing Indian soldier to the patrol near border, provoking Indian soldiers or trying to get into Indian Territory. 

Trade issue: We in India allows china to sell its gods here in large bulk amount to which china has never opened its market for India, Chinese market is well established on Indian grounds but vice versa is only an imaginative scenario. India must try to reduce trade deficit with china. India must also get equal opportunity to interest in its market.

Luring Asian countries away from Indian domain: china is frittering away valuable resources to wean south Asian countries from Indian domain and sphere of influence.

String of pearls: The String of Pearls refers to the network of Chinese military and commercial facilities and relationships along its sea lines of communication, which extend from the Chinese mainland to Port Sudan.

Ties with Pakistan: Whether its providing nuclear aid to PAK or the handing over of gwadar port china is showing great interest in relations with PAK which planned and strategic in nature.

Solutions to Ino-China problems can be:
Well it is right we must strengthen bilateral relations with china for BRICS and ASEAN but not at all at cost of our countries interest. We can’t not afford to compromise this key issue. China’s expanded nuclear missile cooperation to PAK is concern for India. 
  •  What Chinese are doing they will keep on doing this until some realistic action is taken from our   side. It is ok to come up with special representative but question is we are paying interest of our own country.
  • We must go across the border to massively strengthen our border road network, our advance airbase and landing ground so that are fighter bomber su-3o MKI can land their.
  •  We must develop kutcha or grassy runways for landing and take off of C-17 heavy lift transport which we have ordered from Boeing after dislodging 147 ultra light weight artillery.
  •  We need strong aim of acquiring and holding territories in east. We are in need to increase patrols of navy through Malacca strait through South China Sea.
  •  These are the actions which Chinese not only going to understand but also going to respect and then we will see change in friction of LAC. 
  •  Rather providing subsidies of facilities we are in need to review our foreign policies being economically growing country.
  •  India must discard diplomatic strike towards china because it is increasing confusion rather than  lowering it down.


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