How to write the thematic apperception test?

Thematic appreciation test is important part of psychology and it reveals a lot about one’s personality.  This technique allows assessors to interpret stories with the nature of one by whom it is written. In TAT one writes stories by taking himself or herself somewhere inside the story which means hero of story. The main motive of test is to get to know about the qualities of candidate but in unconscious. It also
provides time constraint by which candidates become restricted to write their natural responses.

1. This test comprise of 12 pictures out of which 11 pictures are shown to you and 12 one is blank(it totally depends upon board that where they are going to keep blank one sometimes they keep it in between but generally it comes as last slides).

2. Time limit provided to for one story is 4 minutes. Story flashes for 30 seconds and then you will be provided with 3.30 minutes to write this story sometimes board provides 4 minutes to write.

3. In TAT there is no need to mention age, mood, gender of hero and other characters.

4. In TAT picture looks bit clear as if get compared to PPDT.

5. Pictures will come in form of slides.

Every picture shown in slide is carrying some situation in it which provides base to story.

i. What lead to it (past of story , like you saw something when you were coming from somewhere)
ii. What is going on in picture right now (present it means what actually you are doing now).
iii. What is outcome or result of what you did?
It is nothing but shown to check out the thoughts of candidate, his reaction and actions taken.
When candidate writes something in form of story it brings out some traits which are not known to him in actual sense, what does it mean and this is what judged by assessors.

a. First thing is to introduce your hero in 1 line. Do not involve too many names in stories .we can appreciate hero in one line.
b. Then start plotting your story by putting some hints of picture which is shown to you. After plotting your story time comes when you are ready to play your role in story which directly means lift your story from here, that is time to rise your story and to embed all qualities in your story.
c. Qualities should get reflect by actions not in form of heavy words like determined, leadership, responsible etc. do not use bad words like molesting the girl, harassing etc. Do not write direct heavy words.
d. Stories should be positive in all sense which reflects your positive attitude. In your story it should reflect that you are always willing to take challenges.
e. It should show that you respect all. Don’t show your frustration in your story. Don’t write guilty stories, avoid love stories filmy kind of or gf/bf stories.
f. If any story is left incomplete just leave it concentrate on coming next one.

g. Even if picture is negative just try to make it positive but at same time don’t run away from situation tackle it and sort that out.

a. Don’t start writing some sensual stories because sometimes knowingly some sensual pictures are shown by board.
b. Don’t write high words for people senior to you. You must request to your seniors. Pay respect to your juniors in your stories (tomorrow being officer you are going to take care of your jawans).
c. Avoid cutting and do not make jalebis if you want to cut your story. Jus cross it with one vertical line in b/w the story and write new one.
d. Manage your things nicely while writing. Be logical while organizing your story. Try to complete your story in time and try to read it once.
e. Don’t make depressed stories where you have shown qualities but ultimately ending didn’t have any happy result which is paramount.
f. Don’t use slangs like GUY, happy go lucky guy, don’t use words like muma, papa mom, dad rather use mother father.


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