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Drug Abuse in India

The most critical and important issue in India is Drug abuse.  It sucks India.  Our Society suffers a lot, due to this issue.  Let’s see the burdens and the solutions of the issue.
First, want to discuss about the Children abuse in drugs.  W.H.O  has made a statistics and gave a report that, if the current trends continue, 250 million children alive today will be killed by Tobacco.  We are in such a worst situation. And, the drug abuse is more in children and adolescents is higher than the general population.  In India, a NGO survey revealed that 63.6% of drug abuse patients is from the age group of below 15 years. The use of drugs such as whitener, alcohol, tobacco, hard and soft drugs is especially wide spread in street children, working children and trafficked children.
According to the survey, India has at least 70 million drug addicts, spreads over.  If we dig the reason for this, we can say that India has seen a rise in Industrialization and urbanization, which has caused large…

Unemployment in India 2013

Here, we are going to discuss about the most common issue of the country, UNEMPLOYMENT. The basic need of a common man, is Employment . Unemployment rate will affect not only the individual man, but will affect the Country.
     The NSSO ( National survey sample organization ) revealed that the Unemployment rate in India   rose from 0.2 percent in 2004 – 05 to 5.5 percent in 2009-10. The maximum unemployment percentage was witnessed in Patna and Kanpur at 13.2 percent and 7.7 percent respectively in 2009-10. The lowest rate of unemployment was recorded in Bhopal at 0.1 percent followed by Surat at 0.6 percent and Indore at 0.8 percent in 2009-10.
     After 2010, it has started decreasing in 2011 to 3.80 percent.  Between 1983-2011, the highest we met is 9.40 and the lowest we met is 3.80.  But, according to an article in The Times of India, on June 23, 2013, gave a rate that, Unemployment rate in India has increased. It is 2% rural areas and 3% in urban India. In Rural areas, t…

Disaster management in India

What do you mean by disaster management ? It is defined as the organization and management of resources and responsibilities for dealing with all humanitarian emergencies.
Emergencies such as  :-

Natural disasters – floods, earthquakes , hurricanes and volcano eruptionsEnvironmental emergencies – Technological and industrial accidents , man made disastersPandemic emergencies – Sudden spread of disease
Disaster management is of four types :
Disaster Preventions – We can’t prevent all the disasters, we can prevent certain disasters. We can prevent Natural disasters, to some extent.
Disaster preparedness – we can reduce the loss of life and damage with this plan, with the timely and effective help.
Disaster relief – The activities such as providing food and water, making arrangements for their lives and health care.
Disaster recovery – Replacing with the buildings, and measures taken to avoid the disasters in future.
Countries which face disasters :
     More than, $100 million dollars of eco…

Non Conventional Sources of Energy

What do you mean by Non conventional sources of Energy ? Let’s discuss on it.  The energy created by using wind, tides, solar, geothermal heat, biomass including farm, animal waste as well as human excreta is known as Non conventional sources of Energy.   In simple words, we can say renewable energy are known as Non conventional energy.

     Tidal energy is an unlimited and renewable energy.  Dams are built to consume that energy, countrywide. Wind energy is a popular form of energy.  Windmills have been built to generate power.  And the most important source, solar energy.  This energy is abundant and popular. It has been forecast ed by the Researchers, that in future solar energy will become the future source of energy.
Let’s come to the point of Importance of Non conventional energy :

Environmental benefits – Low impact on environment Energy for our children’s children – Long runJobs and the Economy – Less investment and create more jobsEnergy security – Availability is more

Training institutes of Indian air force

Training academies of Indian air force

These are the different training academies of IAF to build perfection and excellence in IAF working.  We have already undergone the working of AFA which imparts basic military training to all of the braches now moving to other academies they provide specializations in different fields.  Airforce administrative college (AFAC) which is located in Coimbatore is one of the oldest training institutions of IAF which is dedicated to impart best training among its officers and other rank officers.  It also provides training to other forces and sometimes to friendly nations also. Various courses which are con…

Life at Indian Naval Academy

Life at Indian Naval Academy (INA) - Ezhimala, Cochin
1.  Ezhimala is a beautiful village located in kannur village of district kerala. It is about 55 km from kannur.  A flourishing seaport and center of trade in kerala, ezhimala was one of major battlefields of chola’s time. To augment the capacity of Indian navy the Indian naval academy was established by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in January 2008. Nestled between the imposing mount dilli, seren kavvayi backwaters and majestic Arabian Sea.

2.  INA provides ideal enviourment for training with its picturesque and tranquil enviourment. It covers an area of 2452 acres along the north Malabar coastline. The academy is presently training 650 cadets and would progressively about to 1100 by 2013.

3.  The role of INA is to impart and orientation training Potential candidates to the undergraduate officer-trainee program of the Indian Navy apply through the National Defence Academy.

4.  Cadets have the option to major in Electron…

Life at IMA Dehradun

Life of a GC - Gentleman Cadet at IMA - Indian Military Academy Dehradun
     Very first thing while going to IMA is that you will be going to be called as gentleman cadet their GC’s.  You will undergo military training and various other activities which will be going to take you to the heights of commissioned officer that is to build that command and that latitude.  In IMA basically cadets come via various tests and entries like NDA/ACC/TGC/CDSE.  The main difference b/w the life of IMA and OTA is here nature of commission is permanent and their nature of commission is short service.  In IMA technical and non technical graduates are trained together for initial one year and then they will be get send for further specialization.  One reason for this is that the academy expects its graduates to uphold the highest moral and ethical values. Inscribed in the oak panelling at the Eastern entrance of the Chetwode Hall is the academy's credo, excerpted from the speech of Field Marshal Ch…

Global Warming in India

The most important topic, which we have to worry about is the Climate change. Each and every citizen in India, should be aware of the Global warming.  Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere.
     The Indian Agriculture Research Institute, announced the global mean annual temperature at the end of the 20th century has increased by 0.7 DC from that recorded at the end of the 9th century.  The seven warmest years globally in the instrumental record occurred in 1990’s. Global warming, in turn, leads to regional changes in climate related parameters such as rainfall, soil moisture , and the sea level.  The sea level has risen by 10 – 20 cm with regional variations.  Environmentalists agree that global warming is a threat eco systems and humans.
     Researches made by the Scientists, says ‘The main cause of the current global warming is because of the human expansion of the greenhouse effect‘.
Gases which contribute to the greenhouse effect :

Life at AFA - Air Force Academy Hyderabad

AFA got established in 1971 and since then it has given birth to great of great officers to three of the forces and to the forces of some other countries as well.  This is initial training institution of Indian Airforce (IAF).  It is situated in village dundigal which is around 43 km away from Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh). The job of AFA is to impart initial military training to all flight cadets so that tomorrow they
will become responsible aviators, engineers and controllers.  In AFA main focus is to impart perfection in all cadets whether in terms of mind, spirit or physique. Throughout you all will be made under rigorous training schedule via which you will attain emotional, mental and physical stability which is very important to work closer to aviation.  So if we talk about life in AFA it’s all about perfections and
excellence. There they will take you to series of curriculum techniques to polish OLQ’s like projects, case studies, On-job training, presentations, debates, boo…

Rain Water Harvesting in India

The topic now which we going to discuss, is the most essential thing , in recent decades. That, is Rainwater harvesting  in India. Many Indian cities lack sufficient water supplies. Urban growth is making it very difficult and expensive to build the dams, pipelines and canals , to supply cities with water. In comparison, rain water harvesting systems are a low-cost, low-impact for cities to increase supplies.

Methods to collect rainwater :-
Innovative Water Solutions educates the people with the following methods :-

Rain Barrels – A barrel can be placed on the doorsteps of House – Easily implemented by anyone at any residence, readily available, will not consume much spaceDry system – Same rain barrel method , but with large storage and can be placed next to your house, easy maintenance, can be inexpensive , great for climates where rainfall happens with infrequent.Wet system – Locating collection pipes underground ,rainwater will fill and will rise in the vertical pipes and get c…

Final Group Task in SSB

This task is conducted on 2nd day of GTO series i.e 4th day of whole SSB process.  This is last task conducted during GTO test so called as FINAL GROUP TASK.  This task is conducted to merge candidates again in group and finally to evaluate the differences which might come during separation of group.  It is again a team work where the team works together and finally completes the task.  Rules are same as PGT here.  It is again a leaderless group task so here we have to perform along with same rules as we have performed in PGT.  Here like PGT we are not required to tackle progressive obstacles
rather only one task is given like HGT.

     This task carries important reason behind conduction of it.  As we know after conduction of PGT the group will get on divided to accomplish other tests so sometimes we came as individuals and sometimes we came as half group members.  Surely we get to know about each other’s  performance in this meantime which affe…

Lecturette in SSB

How to make Good Lecture?
     This test is usually conducted on the first day of GTO series. This test is usually conducted in ground . The reason behind conduction of this test is to bring out individual merits of candidate.  It is not group discussion rather it is conducted taking every candidate .this test is conducted to check how,much capable you are to influence group. How much fluency,clarity do you have in your thoughts. GTO assess candidates on all this.

Candidates sit in sequence as per their chest numbers and gto sit behind them. GTO will explain about everything how to follow steps.You will, see some slips placed on table from which you have to pick one slip. You are going to find three or four topics on that slip out of which you may select any one topic on which you will feel yourself ready to,deliver lecture.This task starts with first candidate sitting in sequence , she will lick up,the slip and will move to corner for preparing topic in coming three…

Individual Obstacles in SSB and AFSB

This is the task conducted during GTO series.  In this task main purpose is to give chance to every individual by providing time constraint to, judge their proficiency.  This task usually lasts for 3 minutes. Sometimes bit more time is provided to complete them.  This comprises of 10 obstacles and you have to complete.  Them in stipulated time.  The obstacles are such designed that they become more and more difficult as you move on to next one.  Every obstacle provides you some points which you score after crossing that obstacle successfully without breaking any rule.  So marks are like 1 obstacle consist of 1 mark 2nd of 2 marks and so on so it become sum total of 55 marks.

To check stamina and courage of candidate.To evaluate his individual personality pattern.To check out his her boldness via keeping such elements in obstacles like height , depth which will let gto known to fact like if someone is in fear of height , jump , or depth. To check determinati…

Deforestation in India

Here I come with the discussion of deforestation in India. Apart from our agriculture, the forest has been an important source of livelihood for the poor particularly the tribal communities and women in the district.  Increase in population, is also a reason for the Deforestation in India.  According to a study in the Express News, 13th Sep, 2013, 30 percent of population depends upon the forest for livelihood. The NTFP provides multiple benefits in terms of food, fibre, fodder and firewood. Fruits, flowers , roots, shoots and seeds are the main sources of of food for the poor people.  The major forest areas of Kiribanji, Chhatardandi, Harishankar, Khujen, Raju and Patharchepa have been degraded. Many areas of these forests appear as fields. The region, which had unending stretch of lush green forest less than 50 years before, has now converted into barren land mass.

     Deforestation vary from region to region around the world. In 2009, 2/3 of the world forests were in 10 top …

Command Task in SSB

This task is scheduled on second day of GTO series in this task each and every individual got opportunity to show his or her commanding skills which is very much important to become an officer in armed forces. The previous tests conducted by GTO were made of group which means no as such leader was their but in this task each and every candidate is chosen to become leader for his command task, he/she may choose two candidates who may help him to complete task.

     In this task GTO explains task to you and material is provided as per requirement. Remember in this task the difficulty level depends upon previous performance that is if you have performed well GTO will definitely like to give some tricky task, but if he found you lacking with ideas he may give you easy task to raise your morale. Even sometimes GTO will raise the difficulty level in mid of task either by taking some helping material or by providing some kind of hurdle or by replacing helping material with some other m…

Half Group Task - HGT

After PGT here comes HGT, which means half group Task.  In this task the group, member of  PGT get divided into half. Usually it goes for odd even pattern and it depends upon GTO too as he has already observed your Performance.  If members in group are odd in number then it is balanced by performance factor or strength Factor of candidates.

     This is important to understand why HGT take place as it is almost same as PGT.  So reason behind this is to evaluate candidates.  Up to some more extent and too check their constant performance. Sometimes in group few meek, members didn't get chance to perform better or to initiate even so this is conducted to give them chance to take out their best qualities, this is the main reason behind to reduce the group size.  So it becomes easy for everyone to participate in this task and to implement ideas. Again utmost important thing is it is group task so candidates are expected to show their individual qualities bu…

How to find your strengths and weaknesses for Personal Interview?

In our previous articles we read about OLQ’s many time.  We get to know about what OLQ’s  and why they are important and what significant role do they play in selection of candidate.  We also read about SWOT analysis and its requirement.  No its time to understand the importance of SWOT analysis and how to improve this which is going to help you in building up your OLQ’s.

     SWOT analysis is useful technique for understanding your strengths and weaknesses and for identifying both the opportunities open to you and the threats you face.

     Strengths and weaknesses are often internal to oneself and the organization where one is working while opportunities and threats generally relate to external factors.  For this reason the SWOT analysis is sometimes called internal-external analysis.

What you do better than anyone else?What unique or lowest resources that you can draw upon and those others can’t?What do the people in your profession see as your stre…

Food Security Bill 2013 for Group Discussion

President signed ordinance in food security to give nation two thirds of population the right to get 5 kg of food grains every month at highly subsidized rates of Rs. 1-3 per kg. This program will be biggest in the world with the government. spending estimated at Rs. 125000 crores annually on supply of about 62 million tons of rice, wheat and coarse cereal to 67% of population. The measure will guarantee 5 kg of rice, wheat and coarse at a fixed price of 3,2,1 Rs. Per kg respectively. The 2.45 crore poorest of poor families covered under the AAY (antoyada anna yojana) scheme under PDS (public distribution system) would continue to get 35kg of food grains per months. If we look at data and figures we get to know about some hidden facts of our country that till now govt has spent so much of amount which seems even difficult to count in figures. The expenditure of poor is rs. 893 in 2012 -2013 and expected poors were around 250 million. So data says we required only 55000 crore to …

Rules to follow during Group Tasks

Rules for Progressive Group Tasks (PGT), Half Group Tasks (HGT), Final Group Tasks (FGT)
      The outdoor test was designed so efficiently that after its conduction GTO came to know about various things which must be known to board fir his/her selection. These test are conducted in series one after another and wit time GTO gets to know ore about candidate. In GTO task he lets you know about some rules and regulations which must be followed throughout your GTO conduct in required series of test.

Rules: Every thing in this world got some rules to perform so same for this. This are told to you in starting of PGT which is considered as first outdoor task of GTO series. Here they try to create some artificial obstacles which make you fall under some hurdle and you have to cross that to reach finish line starting form ending line. Now to reach their you have to follow some thing in mind which are mentioned by GTO. For this while GTO is explaining about rules you must pay fair hearing to tha…

How to perform well in Progressive Group Task

This is considered as first task among GT outdoor task. This is important too because here GTO explains you about everything like rules, colors, do’s and don’ts. Usually 40 to 50 minutes are provided to complete PGT. In this task whole group works together and this is time to create first impression on
GTO. Rules remain same for progressive tasks. This is called as progressive because at each finish
line you will be getting new starting line and you have to proceed further for new task. The level of
difficulty kept on rising. That is why it is come to known as PGT.

     Here whole group helps each other in crossing the structures and it is called as leaderless task here no one is nominated as such leader but yes leader like qualities come out of those who possess them.

How to write solutions for Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise

In group planning exercise group will be shown to one model which is carrying different kind of problems are it can be taken as target area where we are going to plan as per to sort out problems.   Model will be shown to you either in form of cardboard drawn map or in form of model.  After seeing that model GTO will explains model to you different places, locations, roads, tracks.
     After making this clear he will ask group weather to proceed further or any doubts? Ask all your doubts then and their only. It brings bad impression interrupting later on rather try to listen him carefully and don’t put unwanted questions in your mind. He makes it sure to explain each and everything.
Then he will read one story for you which is basically a problem given to you and you have to find out respective solutions for respective problems.
     After listening to him he will provide one paper to each member of group where that story is written and five minutes will be provided o read it a…

What GTO checks at you in Day 3 and 4 of Group Tasks

Group testing officer conduct this series and it get started on day 3rd designated as GTO -1 and GTO-II days, on which ,the group testing officer conducts a series of nine very interesting outdoor and indoor activities. These tasks are designated to be stressful and compelling, so that it urges you to willingly participate since these tasks are conducted in a very cordial and encouraging atmosphere, you will find yourself getting completely involved and as a result give away your true characteristics that you normally do not share with others. Once again, the imposition of time constraint and certain binding rules ensure that your responses to the situations are the instinctive and not pre-planned. The GTO task that you will be put through GTO-I/II day are listed below:


How questions are framed in Personal Interview

General Introduction Questions:-
Generally he starts with your introduction in which you should talk about yourself, your education, your interest, your hobbies, sports, curricular activities and extra curricular activities. Tell about your schooling, college, academics, tries to mention all your achievements. After completing about yourself, go to family and tell something which is interesting and brings out something out of it i.e OLQ’s.Questions about Native:-
He will also ask you about your native place .Try go collect good info about it. Like its location, famous places, nearest railway station, airport, villages administrations, colleges, schools, occupation of people living their. Also mention about some history behind it.

Guru Mantra for success in Interview

Finally the guru mantra for successfully qualifying the interview is, to initially fathom the specific requirements, thereafter, carry out a SWOT analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunities &threats) and acquire all the necessary competence essential for a potential officer material and finally go confidently, with an open mind, but not so open also, that your brains fall out. !!!!!

Factors that determine your attitude,

1. Environment 2. Experience 3. Education

Personal Interview as a method of data collection

The interview by the Interviewing Officer may be conducted either after the conduct of psychology tests in day 1 or in subsequent days depending upon the total number of candidates to be interviewed and the availability of interviewing officers. The interview is conducted in a very conductive atmosphere and the candidate is put to complete ease by the interviewing officers. Once you enter the cabin he makes you feel comfortable by asking few general questions. Once he feels he has established a reasonably comfortable rapport with you by interacting with you regarding your family background and interest.

     Then he will ask you questions pertaining to general awareness and may ask you to describe the organization of an event based on the interests and hobbies mentioned by you in your PIQ - Personal Information Questionnaire form. He is also likely to check your ability to withstand stress by putting you through stressful and challenging situations. The best method of facing the…

Corruption Free India

Corruption has become an integral part of the Indian society.  A large number of Indians, especially the people living in rural areas suffer a more.  In urban areas, they are facing the corruptions problems, because of the high rate of Unemployment.  Let’s think about the corruption free India.
Corruption – free countries in the world:
Denmark placed first in the least corruption country, by 2013. Denmark is one of the most egalitarian societies in the world. Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world, according to the 201 Corruption Index by Transparency International .  The Danish Welfare model ensures a healthy work-life balance. Second comes the Finland and third place falls to the country, New Zealand.  How these countries achieved the goal ? .  We should follow some anti-measures against corruption.
Corruption- free practices in India:
Anna Hazare, 74 year old Gandhian , a great strength towards anti-corruption in India. He has certain principles : Love your enemyBe truthful.…

How to write Self Description in SSB and its importance?

The self description is last test conducted in series of psychology in which you can write about yourself in form of appraisal. It is called as sword in your hands via which you can win your war. This act as tool for psychologists through which he/she gets to know about your personality which is known to you and which you let others know about this. Here candidates are requested to write about themselves which they feel god in them and bad in them. In this universe everyone is blessed with some strengths and weaknesses. It totally depends upon us how do we utilize them and how we use them to improve in our life.

Let’s understand this concept with the help of johari window. The Johari window is a technique created by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in 1955. In the United States, used to help people better understand their relationship with self and others.
Image Courtesy:-

OPEN AREA: This is area which is known to you an…

What are the things to be carried for SSB Interview?

Documents Proof of your identity with photograph (vote ID/PAN card/Driving license/Passport/UPSC admit card while coming for the SSB interview).
Your call letter for the SSB, admit card in any, affidavit if required. Metric/equivalent certificates showing date of births, in original along with the attested photocopies.Certified /authenticated copies signed by the competent authority of the every achievement in the field of NCC, Games sports and other extracurricular activities.Twenty copies of latest passport size photograph, unattested. Background of the photograph should be sky-blue or white.OTHERS ITEMS TO BE CARRIED:-
Candidate are advised to travel light with the following items:-
Two pairs of white shorts and t-shirts (woolens clothing during winter season).Women candidates must carry white lower pants and t-shirts.Adequate civil clothing.Turbans for sikh clothing.Two pairs of white pt shoes/sports and white socks.Adequate writing material.Lock and key.Personal serving in army/Air…

What is expected from you (candidate) at SSB?

The below are the main component or we can say main ingredient to become an officer. These are the parameters on which you are judged to become an officer. This is job of SSB board to judge candidates on parameters listed below:

Cheerfulness (how much you like your work while doing it?)Effective intelligence How much intelligent you are?Reasoning ability Degree of intelligence matters, decides your OIR rankingOrganizing ability (How much easily you manage man and material)Power of expression (What impact do you left on your group?)Social adaptability (How much easy going you are with others.)Cooperation (How much you support others and go along with them)Sense of responsibility (do you get to know your job by your own)Initiative (Are you willing to come in front)Speed of decision (How much fast you calculate and place right and quick decision)Ability to influence group (Do you have capability to let others listen you)Liveliness (What kind of humour you carry)Courage (Are you willing t…

Corruption in India and its Solutions

Corruption in India, is now killing the country slowly.  A statistics done by Times of India, July 9, 2013 says that, Corruption in India has reached an all time-high with rates being exactly double of the global prevalence.  Public Institutions entrusted to protect people suffer the worst levels of bribery.  
     In India, the people who pay bribe is 1 in 2 citizens.  Highest amount collected by the Police – 62 %. Registration – 61 %.  Educational Institutions – 48%.  Being an Indian, I felt ashamed of the statistics.  And 34% people in a study, said that, they will not report corruption, while facing it.  Where we are ? how we are going to get out of this worst situation?  More than one person in two thinks corruptions has worsened in the 2 years.  People have grown insatiable appetite for money in them and they can go to any extent for money. Corruption has become like a cancer, nowadays. 
     Corruption, is not only the phenomenon in India.  We can find corruption, all over t…

Population Explosion Boon or Curse

Here, we are into a discussion, population explosion, is a boon or a curse.
Population of India in 2013 is 1,270,272,105 (1.27 billion), we are the second most populous country in the country.  Let us discuss further. China is on the top, which one of six people in this planet live in India, where we don't have the land area.  The population in Uttarpradesh is equal to the population in Brazil, where Brazil is a country. India is too tiny to handle such a high population.  If the population rises in this ratio, we may desperate for resources, in future.  Welfare would be improved if population growth was shorter. But on the other hand, India's population is a boon, as it results in economic growth too.
A country's power lies in the hand of citizens and India's growing population can mark India's rising power. Nearly, 50 % of the population lies below the age of 25 years.  It shows that, in the coming years, we can earn high income ,  which will lead to economic growt…

How to approach Group Discussion with tips to talk well

Group discussion is a method known and practiced in both traditional and modern sciences. In traditional rural societies in India and many more countries. Group discussion is a efficient tool efficiency by giving people for their armed forces. Gradually the utility and success of this method of testing made it popular among other organizations also around the world. It has now become an important and essential part of the selection process of the some of the government undertaking, Multinational Corporation, services selection boards, and other recruitment agencies. It is also a common feature of admission in top institutes. Even when the caliber of candidates is tested via written test, psychological test etc. the final selection in many organizations and institutions is made after group    discussions.
     Very little of man’s life is lived separately and way from others. It is very necessary that a person learns to live together. In a group discussion there are two sources o…