How to write solutions for Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise

     In group planning exercise group will be shown to one model which is carrying different kind of problems are it can be taken as target area where we are going to plan as per to sort out problems.   Model will be shown to you either in form of cardboard drawn map or in form of model.  After seeing that model GTO will explains model to you different places, locations, roads, tracks.
     After making this clear he will ask group weather to proceed further or any doubts? Ask all your doubts then and their only. It brings bad impression interrupting later on rather try to listen him carefully and don’t put unwanted questions in your mind. He makes it sure to explain each and everything.
Then he will read one story for you which is basically a problem given to you and you have to find out respective solutions for respective problems.
     After listening to him he will provide one paper to each member of group where that story is written and five minutes will be provided o read it again and to plot problem in mind according to model shown. Try to plot each and everything while GTO is narrating problem. Try to map your eyes along with model and try to prioritize problem because this will be going to help you for making better and quick solutions.

NOTE: Always take care of scale and timings of problem mentioned to you because in GPE
distance measurement plays major role. How much calculative mind do you have while understanding about problems?

  1. After reading what are the things you have to make out?
  2. What are the problems given?
  3. What are three major problems and one minor problem?
  4. Timings of problems. 
  5. What is your location?
  6. What is time now?

Note: Imagine yourself their in exercise.
After reading that exercise you will be provided with ten minutes to write your solutions.

Format is given below:
1. Problems priority wise.
2. Helps / material available
Already given Assumption
Here do mention what I already provided. Here assume some genuine points

3. Solutions :
     After writing this you will be provided with time to discussion that is priorities, problems, group division, remember you can assume same no. of persons {group size} while solving your problem. Take care of scale and timings while making out solutions. After discussion choose one representative from group who will give solution on behalf of group. Remember you get no extra marks for this if our group is not able to decide this you can raise your hand and ask this to group may I present solution and then proceed. Try to give it with confidence GTO may interrupt you by asking counter questions don’t get panic and complete your solution.
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