Command Task in SSB

     This task is scheduled on second day of GTO series in this task each and every individual got opportunity to show his or her commanding skills which is very much important to become an officer in armed forces. The previous tests conducted by GTO were made of group which means no as such leader was their but in this task each and every candidate is chosen to become leader for his command task, he/she may choose two candidates who may help him to complete task.

     In this task GTO explains task to you and material is provided as per requirement. Remember in this task the difficulty level depends upon previous performance that is if you have performed well GTO will definitely like to give some tricky task, but if he found you lacking with ideas he may give you easy task to raise your morale. Even sometimes GTO will raise the difficulty level in mid of task either by taking some helping material or by providing some kind of hurdle or by replacing helping material with some other material. You are called as commander while this task and two candidates whom you called as helpers will support you to complete task but usually they will support you as per your orders they will not be doing anything by their own. If you ask them to give idea then they can help you, else you order them (humble manner) they will do as per you say and along with being good commander you join them while performing task. In this usually we have to cross only one obstacle.


  • Here GTO will let you know about the importance and need of this task. He will tell you all about if you feel you have not performed up to the mark in previous tasks you can give your best here because here you will be acting as commander of your task , your ideas will definitely be get implemented. 
  • All rules which are meant for previous task are applicable to this also. Color rules, material rules and out of bound areas. 
  • Usually 5-10 minutes are provided for this task. Try to complete your task don’t leave it and don’t lose your confidence rather take advice of subordinates. 
  • Here you can only call two candidates as helpers not more than that.


  • GTO will start calling candidates in random order, after calling candidate he may ask few questions about you as he is having one copy of PIQ form with him.
  • He will call you as commander and then he will explain task to you and ask for any doubts you have, after that he will ask you , whom you want to call as your subordinates. 
  • After calling your subordinates you will explain task to him and respective idea too, then you will instruct your subordinate to implement your idea and will help them while implementing. 
  • If you fail to get good idea then you may ask your subordinate to deliver his her idea if he has any?


  • Listen to GTO carefully when he is explaining task to you clear your doubt if any. When you call subordinate try to remember their chest numbers. 
  • When GTO asks you question out of your PIQ answer them confidently. 
  • Try to understand you task well while GTO is explaining then call your subordinated accordingly , like if you think your task will demand weight to cross obstacle then call one heavy weight candidate same for tall too. You can easily decide this by seeing their 
  • previous performances. 
  • Try to brief your subordinated in clear manner so that they will get the demand of task and then explain your idea in effective manner so that it will become easy for them to implement this when you instruct them. 
  • Try to give workable ideas and clear orders. 
  • It is myth that you should not ask your subordinates for help, well it is good if you have your own idea but again commander sometime seeks some good idea from subordinates and then it depends upon hi talent how he is going to implement given idea. 
  • On the completion of task, you must thank your subordinates. 
  • Subordinates are advised to obey orders given by commander and they should not speak until asked to do so, rather should follow what he is saying. They should not help commander directly or indirectly.
  • Remember command task is always pre decided by GTO. If he is raising difficulty level then you should listen to him carefully, here you can count your performance good.


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