Corruption Free India

Corruption has become an integral part of the Indian society.  A large number of Indians, especially the people living in rural areas suffer a more.  In urban areas, they are facing the corruptions problems, because of the high rate of Unemployment.  Let’s think about the corruption free India.

Corruption – free countries in the world:
Denmark placed first in the least corruption country, by 2013. Denmark is one of the most egalitarian societies in the world. Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world, according to the 201 Corruption Index by Transparency International .  The Danish Welfare model ensures a healthy work-life balance. Second comes the Finland and third place falls to the country, New Zealand.  How these countries achieved the goal ? .  We should follow some anti-measures against corruption.
Corruption- free practices in India:
Anna Hazare, 74 year old Gandhian , a great strength towards anti-corruption in India. He has certain principles :
  1. Love your enemy
  2. Be truthful.
  3. Try to win your enemy over.
  4. Don’t show anger.
  5. Don’t lose sight of the goal.
We have seen the followers of hazare, in the past years.  This shows a fabulous future to India.  His hunger strike during the year 2011, yields him more than 85,000 supporters to him.  Media, is becoming strong nowadays, so people have fear to do involve in corruptions in future.  We can see committees such as , IAC – India Against Corruption.  ACACI - Action committee against corruption in India. AIACC – All India Anti Corruption Committee , works hard towards the Nation.

AIACC announced the following guidelines, to act against corruption :
  1. Protect your hard earned reputation. 
  2. Meet ever increasing regulatory obligations.
  3. Identify your high customers at the outset.
  4. Makes sure corruption does not taint your business
Central vigilance commission, has made the forum open to all the citizens of the country.  So that, they can raise the reports against corruption.  People can come forward to raise their reports .  Their motive is “ PROMOTING GOOD  GOVERNANCE – POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION OF VIGILANCE “. Rotation of officials are working in sensitive posts, regarding anti-corruption.  Transparency in works, purchase and consultancy contracts awarded on nomination basis.  We can raise complaint on-line  in Central vigilance commission.  
With the above factors, I can say that we can place into the top ten least corrupted nations, in the upcoming decades. Only thing, need is Unity . An old saying, but a strong saying “ UNITY IS STRENGTH”.


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