Corruption in India and its Solutions

     Corruption in India, is now killing the country slowly.  A statistics done by Times of India, July 9, 2013 says that, Corruption in India has reached an all time-high with rates being exactly double of the global prevalence.  Public Institutions entrusted to protect people suffer the worst levels of bribery.  

     In India, the people who pay bribe is 1 in 2 citizens.  Highest amount collected by the Police – 62 %. Registration – 61 %.  Educational Institutions – 48%.  Being an Indian, I felt ashamed of the statistics.  And 34% people in a study, said that, they will not report corruption, while facing it.  Where we are ? how we are going to get out of this worst situation?  More than one person in two thinks corruptions has worsened in the 2 years.  People have grown insatiable appetite for money in them and they can go to any extent for money. Corruption has become like a cancer, nowadays. 

     Corruption, is not only the phenomenon in India.  We can find corruption, all over the world. Corruption is rampant in every segment and every section of the society. The Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia have been ranked the most corrupt countries in the world. China’s position is worsened more, dropped from 88 to 75. India ranked 94th position in corruption perception Index, says Transparency International, on 4th Nov, 2013.

Causes for Corruption in India :
  • Weak and ineffective Local Government.
  • Continuation of Nehruvian Socialism.
  • Excessive taxation, complicated taxes and licensing systems.
  • Numerous government departments.
  • Urge towards money.
  • Change in the standard of living of the people.
Solutions for Corruption in India :
  • Unity is the one-time solution
  • Declaration of property and assets of the government employees should be made compulsory
  • Judiciary should be given more independence and initiatives on issues related to corruption
  • We need to make a code of conduct for politicians, legislatures , bureaucrats.
  • NGO’s and media should come forward to create awareness against corruption in the Society.
Finally, I can conclude this topic, as such, it’s all in the hands of the citizens. Each and every one in the country should take an oath for “NOT TO GIVE A SINGLE TOWARDS CORRUPTION”.  According to me, that is the only solution, can change India, Non-corrupted country.  Every citizen should have that strong thought against corruption.


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