Final Group Task in SSB

     This task is conducted on 2nd day of GTO series i.e 4th day of whole SSB process.  This is last task conducted during GTO test so called as FINAL GROUP TASK.  This task is conducted to merge candidates again in group and finally to evaluate the differences which might come during separation of group.  It is again a team work where the team works together and finally completes the task.  Rules are same as PGT here.  It is again a leaderless group task so here we have to perform along with same rules as we have performed in PGT.  Here like PGT we are not required to tackle progressive obstacles
rather only one task is given like HGT.

     This task carries important reason behind conduction of it.  As we know after conduction of PGT the group will get on divided to accomplish other tests so sometimes we came as individuals and sometimes we came as half group members.  Surely we get to know about each other’s  performance in this meantime which affects our mindset regarding evaluation of candidates performance be it good or bad. So here GTO checks our behavior last same or not after merging group once again.  Sometimes GTO will find out differences which get introduced among group members because of some conflict or some reason like group didn’t applied your idea in last conducted tests.

  1. GTO will let you know about the importance of this task. While working as individual here you will again brought back as one group and team. 
  2. This task consists of one obstacle but it may be tough as per seeing performance of group. 
  3. Rules will remain same here and you have to complete this task in the time provided by GTO.
  4. Try to give idea as soon as possible and simpler one too so that it will take less time to complete this task.
  5. Don’t try to ignore any of the member just because of any previous task outcome or be it anything rather at like nothing happened and you all are of group after all this is called as team spirit. 
  6. Remember in this task keep your spirit high never get bogged down with your previous performances rather enjoy this and try to help weak candidates in group , allow them to take easy job and try to take tough one on your own shoulders. Don’t look tired at all.


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