Food Security Bill 2013 for Group Discussion

     President signed ordinance in food security to give nation two thirds of population the right to get 5 kg of food grains every month at highly subsidized rates of Rs. 1-3 per kg. This program will be biggest in the world with the government. spending estimated at Rs. 125000 crores annually on supply of about 62 million tons of rice, wheat and coarse cereal to 67% of population. The measure will guarantee 5 kg of rice, wheat and coarse at a fixed price of 3,2,1 Rs. Per kg respectively. The 2.45 crore poorest of poor families covered under the AAY (antoyada anna yojana) scheme under PDS (public distribution system) would continue to get 35kg of food grains per months. If we look at data and figures we get to know about some hidden facts of our country that till now govt has spent so much of amount which seems even difficult to count in figures. The expenditure of poor is rs. 893 in 2012 -2013 and expected poors were around 250 million. So data says we required only 55000 crore to make poor non poor and UPA has spent much more than this. NREGA and PDS dole expenditure did reduce poverty by 3-4% points in 2011-2012. It should have taken rs. 8000 crore to achieve this but our govt has taken fourteen times of this which proves our govt has big heart to spend money but don’t have mind to utilize it. This money could have been spent on creating or providing water, sanitation.

     The head count of poverty declined by 16% points from 2001-2012 under UPA. If everything could have been properly devised, channelized and leakages were avoided. The money which UPA has spent was enough to throw this poverty out of India. It’s not denying fact that we have to fulfill the need of poor but things is it is hardly get implemented which is shown. Now this food security bill is giving birth to more corrupt poor’s who will start selling their grains in good amounts and will remain in the data list of poor which is ultimate problem of our country. A proper enumeration, block by block, need to be done to identify the actually poor people before the scheme was tabled, discussed & passed by parliament. We already have the PDS in all states & this could have been improved upon instead of this Bill, which could be another source of cheating the public, as the persons in the ration shops swindle most of the items on offer & in most cases only rotten rice/wheat is given to the people. Moreover, this is likely to add to the burden of subsidies, which is taking us backwards & the powers that be, hardly give a thought for growth, progress & development of the common man. To take India towards development yes we are in need to remove this poverty because country is made of so many sections and poor’s of our country lies among majority so we can’t neglect them seeing this the step taken by govt is goo provided if it will be utilized properly but we cannot deny the cons part of any introduced thing. This bill is anti farmer which is one negative point. Wheat, rice, coarse sugar is biggest agricultural products of Indian farmer.

      If govt start providing them at cheaper rate who is going to buy them from farmers. Though this bill was passed after so many reconsiderations and amendments but at last it got green signal which was again a milestone achieved by Indian govt. this bill has changed global climate for developing counties like ours. There are some specifications mentioned in bill one cannot claim this right during war time, flood, drought, fire, cyclone or earthquake affecting supplies. The prices of the grains will remain the same for a three year period after which they may undergo revision. The government may in future look at schemes of cash transfers or food coupons to beneficiaries in place of the grain entitlement. Pregnant women and lactating mothers, besides being entitled to nutritious meals as per the prescribed nutritional norms, will also receive maternity benefit of at least ofRs.6,000. Children in the age group of six months to 14 years will be entitled to take home oration or hot cooked food as per prescribed nutritional norms.


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