Half Group Task - HGT

     After PGT here comes HGT, which means half group Task.  In this task the group, member of  PGT get divided into half. Usually it goes for odd even pattern and it depends upon GTO too as he has already observed your Performance.  If members in group are odd in number then it is balanced by performance factor or strength Factor of candidates.

     This is important to understand why HGT take place as it is almost same as PGT.  So reason behind this is to evaluate candidates.  Up to some more extent and too check their constant performance. Sometimes in group few meek, members didn't get chance to perform better or to initiate even so this is conducted to give them chance to take out their best qualities, this is the main reason behind to reduce the group size.  So it becomes easy for everyone to participate in this task and to implement ideas. Again utmost important thing is it is group task so candidates are expected to show their individual qualities but with team spirit and cooperation.


  • GTO will explain the reason behind conduction of it, so listen it carefully.
  • Don't feel bad if you have not performed well in PGT, give your best here. 
  • This task consist of only one stage so try to bring effective and good ideas as soon as possible.
  • All rules mentioned in pgt are also applicable here except group rule as it is single task.
  • Time constraint is usually mentioned. It last for usually ten minutes.
  • GTO asks group how to divide group so if he ask you particularly then mention it confidently or say as you say it sir. 
  • When you are in waiting room try to boost your team spirit. When they will complete the task they will call you for same task. 
  • Usually in HGT GTO do provide some heavy material to enhance the difficulty level.
  • Remember HGT is like a golden opportunity for you as well as for GTO, because in this task gto can observe you bit more .He can make add on or drop down in your performance.


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