How questions are framed in Personal Interview

General Introduction Questions:-
  • Generally he starts with your introduction in which you should talk about yourself, your education, your interest, your hobbies, sports, curricular activities and extra curricular activities. 
  • Tell about your schooling, college, academics, tries to mention all your achievements. 
  • After completing about yourself, go to family and tell something which is interesting and brings out something out of it i.e OLQ’s.
Questions about Native:-
  • He will also ask you about your native place .
  • Try go collect good info about it. Like its location, famous places, nearest railway station, airport, villages administrations, colleges, schools, occupation of people living their. 
  • Also mention about some history behind it. 
Questions about Games you Play:-
  • One more section is where you talk about sports and games you play/played/playing. 
  • Have valid reason why you like playing that game, why you chosen for that. Levels at which you have played that game, what kind of achievements and failures you got, what you learned from that. 
  • Have full information about that game if you play it as a sports person. Try to know about personalities related to that game. 
Questions about Hobbies/Interests:-
  • Have good information about things which you are mentioning in your hobbies and interest because you will surely be asked some questions about your hobbies. 
  • Why you like doing this , what you learned from this , what you would like to do , how you pass your leisure time.
Questions about Strength/Weakness:-
  • Your strengths plays important role in your life so be clear with them and mention them with head upside (humble) . Plot them by giving some examples. 
  • Have belief in you even if he tries to mould you anywhere, be confident to your answer. Same with weaknesses don’t feel guilty having them but always try to portray something which is not going to harm organization at any cost.
  • Everyone possesses some weakness points so don’t hide then better show that you are trying to improve them. 
  • Family also consumes bit of time being part of your interview. In this what you have to do it try to explain about your family and good points about this , what kind of family you are leaving in , like nuclear or joint. Family members, whom do you, resemble more and why, what you learn from elders. What you want to improve, how you are responsible member of your family, how you help your mother and father. 
  • What your family expects from you. 
  • Remember when they ask bad point about any of member don’t say there is no bad point so try to answer it in smart manner.
Questions about Friends:-
  • Next comes to friends because they play major role in our family. 
  • What kind of friends do you have, how much your circle large is what kind of qualities you try to find in your friends. 
  • How you help them and how they help you, what kind of things you like doing with them. 
  • See friends are one among important asset of our life what they think about you, what you think about them. 
Questions about your Current Employment:-
  • If you are employed then you will be asked about question related to that organization and why you want to work for us. 
  • Are you not satisfied with your job? 
  • How much you earn how you utilize that, how you help your family with that and how you see yourself as asset for organization. 
  • What kind of promotions you got in your life. 
  • How you mange your expenses and time? 
They also ask you some personal questions which they came to know after listening to different questions. So respond keeping your mind open.


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