How to approach Group Discussion with tips to talk well

     Group discussion is a method known and practiced in both traditional and modern sciences. In traditional rural societies in India and many more countries. Group discussion is a efficient tool efficiency by giving people for their armed forces. Gradually the utility and success of this method of testing made it popular among other organizations also around the world. It has now become an important and essential part of the selection process of the some of the government undertaking, Multinational Corporation, services selection boards, and other recruitment agencies. It is also a common feature of admission in top institutes. Even when the caliber of candidates is tested via written test, psychological test etc. the final selection in many organizations and institutions is made after group    discussions.
     Very little of man’s life is lived separately and way from others. It is very necessary that a person learns to live together. In a group discussion there are two sources open to a person if he wants to stay in the group. He has to give way to what a whole group thinks or he has to win over the group with his way of thinking. On the part of discussion there must be giving part as well as gaining part. A person may not be convinced with others point of view but at the same time he is putting his own view point and remain stick to that which means not open to others point.

Approach in Group Discussion:
  1. Your ultimate aim is to get into discussion, so plan your strategies, and make meaningful 
  2. participation. 
  3. Remember one can not afford to wait for our chance because that will be taken by any other person.
  4. Get into the situation fully as per discussion is demanding .keep one things in mind that you are not there merely to participate rather you have to provide effective participation.
  5. Speaking frequently and loudly can not make you through discussion. You have to be logical with your approach quality of contents is must. It should display some qualities.
  6. When you find that group is deviating from track of discussion it’s your responsibility to bring discussion back on track.
  7. No two people have same kind of thinking. It takes discussion to fish market. At that time your influence must never be low. 
  8. This kind of approach is the key to success in GD.
Important Ingredients of Group Discussion:

Projection of Positive Attitude: It checks overall personality of candidate.try to make your first impression quickly.
Communication Skills: Everyone knows how to communicate but one is in need to bring
effective communication to bring good impression.
Analytical Skills: We have already shown our knowledge by passing the written test but
group discussion.
Temperament and Co-ordination: Never lose your temper, keep cool. Your temperament is as important as the other mentioned qualities.

Qualities of a Successful Candidate:
  1. One should know how to present himself or her self nicely.
  2. Keeps himself herself updated with all around current affairs.
  3. Clear expressions and speaking skills.
  4. Shows good temperament and presence of mind.
  5. Is confident, bold and ready to give honest response.
  6. One who ensures his thought process is on track.
  7. Positive thinker and is well aware of his strengths.
  8. Sincerely works to hit the target.
  9. Uses his skill to the best of his ability.
  10. Selects rights and un offending words to put forward his views.
  11. One who has good synchronizes verbal and non verbal skills.
  12. Has good harmony around him, use none offending words while contradicting.
  13. Persuasive and influential abilities while discussion is going off track.
  14. Has ability to lead team, gives fair chance o speak others.
  15. One who introduce points where everyone is willing to speak upon.
  16. Good listener and whose receptive power is good.
  17. Conscious about the fact that he is been constantly observed.
  18. Enthusiast but self controlled, ready to adept and cooperate.


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