How to perform well in Progressive Group Task

     This is considered as first task among GT outdoor task. This is important too because here GTO explains you about everything like rules, colors, do’s and don’ts. Usually 40 to 50 minutes are provided to complete PGT. In this task whole group works together and this is time to create first impression on
GTO. Rules remain same for progressive tasks. This is called as progressive because at each finish
line you will be getting new starting line and you have to proceed further for new task. The level of
difficulty kept on rising. That is why it is come to known as PGT.

     Here whole group helps each other in crossing the structures and it is called as leaderless task here no one is nominated as such leader but yes leader like qualities come out of those who possess them.

     In this task whole group work as a team and implement ideas which are generated out of group. No obstacle is as such difficult provided we should be open to new ideas be must be safe while crossing obstacles. GTO will take whole group near to obstacles and explains all rules and obstacles. Then he will explain about you have to carry everything along .He will tells about start lines and finishing lines. He will provide group with helping material. He asks group for doubts and then he will ask for time required to complete task. When he instructs to start doesn't move rather always run in between GTO ground otherwise you seems lethargic to him. He will observe each and every move of yours while you were participating in crossing obstacles.


     It is considered as first task given to whole group so you have to leave some impression on GTO. Listen to him carefully while he explains about rules and regulations. Look like an active and interested
candidate in doing whatever is going to take place. Bear huge smile on your face. Keep in mind about
supporting material provided to you try to use appropriate material for crossing obstacle. Be open to
others ideas and listen to everyone be cooperative with all members of group. Try to give best ideas and
also helps others to implement their ides. Overall your contribution is counter from each and every
corner. Show as much as qualities of your and try to bring out your positive attitude, mix up with
members and try to avoid any kind of trouble and contradiction. When you give any ideas try to explain
it as good as possible and try to give chance to others t implement that.
     If you are not getting idea do not waste your time in thinking about the solution rather give as try with material sometimes try brings it out solution. Remember try to go for simplest solutions and who must be using lesser number of helping material. Doesn't force to use your pre-planned ideas it will going to get catch by GTO that you are coached. Whenever you are implementing any idea make sure is it able to walk through, it must not hurt anyone. Always helps your group members while crossing obstacles. When distance is long try to make human chain so that balance will not get disturbed. Try to send fit candidate to other end so that he/she may help other coming candidates. Motivate who seems bit unfit.
     Don’t feel bogged down of you fall in between rather keep on smiling and do it again. Trust your group embers. If you get hurt because of someone’s carelessness just ignore that thing and keep going same way and motivate person by saying its ok. This is the things which act as bond between group members. Those who are not participating try to engage them. Always take care that at two ends you must put required candidates like if structure demands heavy weight to cross it tries to send who is good in weight or it may demand height too. So balance these things accordingly.


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