How to write sentences for WAT - Word Association Test?

Word association test is one among most crucial method to judge the mental capability of the candidate by keeping the time constraint. Here assessors try to give such kind of words out of which they can judge candidate personality or can at least get the outlook of it. This test Is designed to check out the imaginative power of candidate.

This test is not sentence making which is usually taken this kind by candidate rather id how we are going to associate one particular word with our experiences and wisdom. It is extremely useful for psychologist to get to know about the emotional stability, sensitiveness, positivity, attitude towards situations etc. In such a short span of time candidates are bound to write their actual responses so assessors get the clue of personality which candidate is bearing n actual.

This test is conducted for total 15 minutes and we get back to back 60 words. The series of words is shown on slides one by one. Each word is exposed for nearly 15 seconds or sometimes lesser then this too. Words are different every time which can generate different kind of emotions and meanings in one’s mind. Time constraint is kept to bring out natural responses .candidate hardly gets any time to disturb his or her natural response.
NOTE: After 20 words one blank slide is shown just to make sure about the number sequence.

How to write WAT:
1. Observational/meaningful sentences: these are those sentences which come out of your experience or your wisdom. This are directly connected to your thought or your maturity level which you bears. These sentences are rated highest in WAT. For eg: SUCCESS: allows us to set new goals.
DARK: discoveries were outcome of sleepless dark nights.

2. Informational sentences: This are those sentence which brings rare to rare information to us which reflects we are updated with daily world activities or we keep interest in keeping updates with us. For eg:
LINE: Hindenburg line was drawn in 1913.

3. Factual sentences. These are sentences which seems known to everyone and seems useless for assessors because they hardly generate any personality trait. These are most dangerous sentences to be got written in WAT series. For eg: FREEDOM: India got freedom in 1947.
WILL: Where there is a will there is a way.
Words can also be getting repeated to check the personality .Try to write different sentence because otherwise it can be taken as low imaginative power. But make sure don’t reflect negativity anywhere in your sentences.


  1. Here if do fewer sentences that is ok but try to avoid negative sentences.
  2. Avoid sentences like advisory and suggestory.
  3. Avoid using should, must, preaching and ordering kind of sentences. 
  4. Avoid proverb, phrases and sayings.
  5. Leave word whose meaning is not known to you.
  6. Don’t make sentences with celebrites. If we know the meaning of word write it positively.
  7. Don’t complete sentence with single word for eg: MOTHER: Loves. 
  8. Do not use future tense in the sentences.
  9. Don’t waste your time by thinking on about one sentence, us skip it and move to next one. 
  10. Try not to use I, me, my, mine. Show some team spirit instead.

Important tips:

  1. Handwriting should be legible.
  2. Avoid mismatching numbering.
  3. Try not to contradict your actual personality about your responses.
  4. Try to show positivity, spirit and dedication in your responses. Don’t seem lazy or lethargic in your responses.
  5. Try to write short sentences .try to complete that in one line.
  6. If you are writing sentences by using first word just avoid writing it.
  7. Don’t write word first; just begin with your sentence.
  8. You can make out your sentence by using synonym or antonym of word but try not to do this always this shows lack of imagination.
  9. You can use adverb and adjective of that sentence.
  10. Try to practice as much words as you can.


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