Lecturette in SSB

How to make Good Lecture?
     This test is usually conducted on the first day of GTO series. This test is usually conducted in ground . The reason behind conduction of this test is to bring out individual merits of candidate.  It is not group discussion rather it is conducted taking every candidate .this test is conducted to check how,much capable you are to influence group. How much fluency,clarity do you have in your thoughts. GTO assess candidates on all this.

  1. Candidates sit in sequence as per their chest numbers and gto sit behind them. 
  2. GTO will explain about everything how to follow steps.
  3. You will, see some slips placed on table from which you have to pick one slip. 
  4. You are going to find three or four topics on that slip out of which you may select any one topic on which you will feel yourself ready to,deliver lecture.
  5. This task starts with first candidate sitting in sequence , she will lick up,the slip and will move to corner for preparing topic in coming three minutes.
  6. After that when she will come back she will,handover slip to gto and will speak upon chosen topic. 
  7. Time provided is three minutes, GTO will rang one bell after 2 1/2 minutes which means you are only left with 30 seconds to conclude topic. 
  8. Next student will immediately take slip and will go to corner after first candidate will come to deliver lecture.  This will goes on like this till last candidate. 

  1. Try to remain calm and confident while delivering topic.
  2. Choose topic on which you have relevant data ,facts and figures to speak upon.
  3. While going to,corner decide your topic in that mean time don't waste your time in deciding which topic you want to speak. This will b to save your time. 
  4. Always go in pattern while delivering lecture. First try to introduce topic so,that every one will get to know about topic and then,only group is going to pay fair hearing to your topic.
  5. Always arrange you headings with points this will highlight importance of topic. 
  6. Always try to conclude you topic with good points.
  7. Always speak point to point as you don't have enough time so,be short and crisp.
  8. Be loud and soft while speaking. Give proper pauses and efforts to put your points. Use logical and analytic mode of delivering. 
  9. Use simple language ,balanced emotions and expressions. Try to portray yourself as as mature person. 
  10. Maintain eye contact with all group members ,stand straight and avoid unusual movements. 
  11. Your outlook should speak that you are confident. 
  12. Start By greeting gto and your group members. 
  13. Raise and slowdown your voice as per the impact of point and end it with smile by saying thank you.


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