Life at AFA - Air Force Academy Hyderabad

     AFA got established in 1971 and since then it has given birth to great of great officers to three of the forces and to the forces of some other countries as well.  This is initial training institution of Indian Airforce (IAF).  It is situated in village dundigal which is around 43 km away from Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh). The job of AFA is to impart initial military training to all flight cadets so that tomorrow they
will become responsible aviators, engineers and controllers.  In AFA main focus is to impart perfection in all cadets whether in terms of mind, spirit or physique. Throughout you all will be made under rigorous training schedule via which you will attain emotional, mental and physical stability which is very important to work closer to aviation.  So if we talk about life in AFA it’s all about perfections and
excellence. There they will take you to series of curriculum techniques to polish OLQ’s like projects, case studies, On-job training, presentations, debates, book reviews, guest lectures, public speaking, drill, games, swimming, weapon training, Yoga, field craft training and cultural activities to enhance knowledge base as well as to ensure overall development of a trainee as gentleman officer.

In AFA basically selected candidates get trained under three courses:

  1. Flying branch (fighters, helicopters and transporters)
  2. Note: locations for different fleet training will remain different.
  3. Technical ( mechanical and aeronautical)
  4. Ground duties( ATC(administration), logistics, meteorological, education)

     If you have joined flying branch then you will be undergoing 24+24+24 weeks of training which is divided under different stages of flying. Stage 0, I, II respectively.  In stage 0 selected candidates join flight cadets and they will undergo basic military training. Before going to flying training they will make you understand about basic aircraft concepts and impart technical and thorough technical knowledge required to start with basic flying training.  Moreover you will be undergone aviation medicine tests.
Here after completing stage 0 and stage 1st transport.  After completing this training flyer will be get commissioned as flying officer and will get their wings. After completing this will move further to stage III which is called as specialization which gains lasts for 24 weeks and then they will get their operational flying at units or squadrons.

NOTE: Nature of commission depends upon your entry like if you are coming via AFCAT which provides SSC, and it is meant for both men and women.  If you are coming via NDA, UES, CDSE or special NCC entry then it provides permanent commission and it is for men only.

Techies will join as Under Training Flying Officers (UTFOs) of aeronautical engineering course.  The UTFOs after completing their 22 weeks of basic training at the academy will proceed to Air Force Technical College, Bangalore for advanced professional training in aeronautical
engineering (electronics) and aeronautical engineering (mechanical).  Basically they become flying officers after completing their initial training of 22 weeks in AFA and will further move to AFTC for studies.

If you have joined the Administrative, Logistics, Accounts, Education or Meteorology branch, you will be trained at Air Force Academy for a year. Here training curriculum will basically impart basic military structure and whole ground management.  Those who come under administration will learn basics of civil aviation and will further move to different sub courses.  Those who joined under logistics basically deal with all material management that is paper work; deal in deal out, store management at officer level which is considered as very important part of perfection and professionalism.


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