Non Conventional Sources of Energy

     What do you mean by Non conventional sources of Energy ? Let’s discuss on it.  The energy created by using wind, tides, solar, geothermal heat, biomass including farm, animal waste as well as human excreta is known as Non conventional sources of Energy.   In simple words, we can say renewable energy are known as Non conventional energy.

     Tidal energy is an unlimited and renewable energy.  Dams are built to consume that energy, countrywide. Wind energy is a popular form of energy.  Windmills have been built to generate power.  And the most important source, solar energy.  This energy is abundant and popular. It has been forecast ed by the Researchers, that in future solar energy will become the future source of energy.
Let’s come to the point of Importance of Non conventional energy :

  • Environmental benefits – Low impact on environment 
  • Energy for our children’s children – Long run
  • Jobs and the Economy – Less investment and create more jobs
  • Energy security – Availability is more

     India, is a country which have vast potential non conventional energy. Its. Our duty to save the Non-conventional energy.  DNES – Department of Non conventional energy have been set up by the year 1982 and now its formed a Ministry.  We can proudly say, India was the first country in the world to form  MINISTRY OF NON CONVENTIONAL SOURCES OF ENERGY.  Their main duty includes programme to save the solar energy, wind energy, ocean energy and all the renewable energy available in India.

Technologies used in India to use the Non conventional energy :
Solar power – Solar photo voltaic is the fastest and rapid technology used all over India, which will , reduce the power consumption a much.
Bio gas – Biogas technology, this will convert the biological waste into energy .  This plays a good alternative resource to the cooking fuel, especially in areas which have the abundant coal and wood.
Small scale wind –  It suits for the low density rural areas. We should the small entrepreneurs using for isolated power.
The Hindu , has published an article, 2010 itself that, “ ONLY THE USE OF USE OF NON CONVENTIONAL ENERGY WILL SAVE OUR EARTH”  The lack of government support and the financial crunch all over the country affected the resources available in the country.  And it specified that, all the students should be educated on the use of Non conventional energy.
The use of Non conventional energy is happened all over the world.  Solar photo voltaic are popular in Germany and Italy .  Wind power , 30% growth is in Europe.  Solar power stations operate in USA and Spain. The largest solar power station is in Mojave desert.
The development of Wind power in India, started in 1990’s and now it has tremendous growth. Denmark placed the first place in the wind power energy. India, is the fifth largest place in the world. Tamil Nadu place the largest installed capacity of wind power.
Let us conclude this with the Importance of Non conventional resources :

  • According to experts, the non conventional energy potential in India is estimated at about 95,000W
  • Less cost and effort.
  • It’s free from pollution and nature friendly.
  • Can save lot of resources, for future generation.


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