Personal Interview as a method of data collection

     The interview by the Interviewing Officer may be conducted either after the conduct of psychology tests in day 1 or in subsequent days depending upon the total number of candidates to be interviewed and the availability of interviewing officers. The interview is conducted in a very conductive atmosphere and the candidate is put to complete ease by the interviewing officers. Once you enter the cabin he makes you feel comfortable by asking few general questions. Once he feels he has established a reasonably comfortable rapport with you by interacting with you regarding your family background and interest.

     Then he will ask you questions pertaining to general awareness and may ask you to describe the organization of an event based on the interests and hobbies mentioned by you in your PIQ - Personal Information Questionnaire form. He is also likely to check your ability to withstand stress by putting you through stressful and challenging situations. The best method of facing the interview is to be completely honest and to do not try to hoodwink the IO. Also be well acquainted with the current affairs and general awareness before proceeding for the officer cadre. The interview generally lasts for about 45 minutes.

Candidate being interviewed for defence is not supposed to be too much smart, intelligent rather he/she is supposed to bring out his average qualities; he must possess knowledge around him and must be attaining good presence of mind and mental alertness. He could possess balanced gentleman like qualities.

In interview you will be put under different kind of emotions and situations by IO. He or she will be observed under all circumstances put by IO. His behaviour will be checked differently in different kind of questions. The main motive is to take out original personality of candidate. He is going to check how your performance will get affected under stressful situations. That is why this interview comprises of different set of questions to check right candidate. Approach of this interview is to unrest candidate with different questions and counter questions.

  • They ask you rapid fire questions.
  • Starts asking other questions without providing stipulated time to answer previous one. 
  • By asking unwanted question.
  • By scolding you or by making you feel bad about something unusual. 
  • By de-motivating you.
  • By doing unwanted things in between like looking here and there.
  • Showing he has no interest to pay fair hearing to you answer. 
  • By asking something which you don’t like to answer
  • Trying to make you emotional 
  • Trying to deviate you from your answers.

     While answering makes sure that whatever you are saying you are fully sure about that and that thing is genuine. You must remember what you wrote in PIQ about yourself. Don’t bluff in front of him otherwise you will be creating wrong impression and interviewer will busy himself to check out truth rather than checking your qualities. It will be going to consume all time in unwanted questions. While you are answering be confident and keep one shine on your face which says that you are well aware of it. If you don’t know about question simply say I don’t know sir.

     Whenever you think he is asking something out of bound don’t hesitate rather act smartly. Remember they hardly bother about your answer they just bother about quality in that. When they try to make you emotional try to take him to some another part of your personality which is interesting. It totally depends upon you how you execute your interview. Te set of question totally depends upon your answer it is totally in your hands what you wants them to know about you because everyone is blessed with qualities.

     Remember you have already mentioned everything in your PIQ form, your interview is going to last around your PIQ form. So try to collect complete information about what you are writing in your PIQ form. IO also carries information report of your psychology test and he tries to confirm your personality with same. Some times you will find more then one person sitting in interview cabin, he must be psychologist who sits their to confirm some points about your personality or to read your non verbal communication.
So personal interview is considered as a tool which helps to assess candidate’s personality. 


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