Population Explosion Boon or Curse

Here, we are into a discussion, population explosion, is a boon or a curse.

Population of India in 2013 is 1,270,272,105 (1.27 billion), we are the second most populous country in the country.  Let us discuss further. China is on the top, which one of six people in this planet live in India, where we don't have the land area.  The population in Uttarpradesh is equal to the population in Brazil, where Brazil is a country. India is too tiny to handle such a high population.  If the population rises in this ratio, we may desperate for resources, in future.  Welfare would be improved if population growth was shorter. But on the other hand, India's population is a boon, as it results in economic growth too.

A country's power lies in the hand of citizens and India's growing population can mark India's rising power. Nearly, 50 % of the population lies below the age of 25 years.  It shows that, in the coming years, we can earn high income ,  which will lead to economic growth.  Along with the Education awareness, Indians can reach places, in the upcoming years.  Sure, we will become a developed Country, shortly, with this huge manpower.  Manpower is Strength and added value to the nation.But on the other side, now about to 45% of the children in India are still malnourished (UNICEF). Its high time that instead of increasing quantity, we improve the quality of human resources that are available, sustainable development has been a burning issue over the years. we have already utilized majority of natural resources, and further if the population get increased, it will lead to a war.
China's one child policy will solve the above problems.  We can save the available treasures of India, for the future generation.  Water , a major source , which may cause scarcity.  The Government should create awareness about the water scarcity , to the people, to avoid the water scarcity in future. In villages, illiteracy is slowly getting vanished.  We should take proper steps to make the Illiteracy percentage as Zero.  Which will slowly make the people to understand the real scenario, and to overcome the burden of population explosion.

By the above discussions, even we have certain negative results in the population explosion, i can conclude this as POPULATION IS A BOON. Because, we have certain measures to overcome the curse.


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