Procedure, skills and tips for writing the SRT - Situation Reaction Test

Situation reaction test is something which checks our logical mental ability, bit of our common sense. How we are going to react in particular situation. In our daily life we come across some unwanted and some unseen situations, it totally depends upon our common sense how we are going to act upon them.

Thinking yourself to become an officer in armed forces is something where you are going to face some new challenges and situations in daily life and that kind of stability is always required where we can decide to act upon that by keeping few things in mind like, resource availability, manpower, time, mood and job done. Presence of mind is something which is in need to be present always and every time.

Every individual has his or her own responses by using his or her experience or by using her presence of mind. It checks upon individual’s capability to execute one given situation. How efficient he /she is  doing that how much realistic approach he /she carries while working, how much dependent he /she is? It reveals personality traits by providing him or her in some unwanted and unusual situations.

This test takes around 30 minutes and one have to cover 60 situations in a time span of 30 minutes. One sheet will be get provided to you where situation are written you have to write your responses on your dodgier provided to you.


  1. One has to keep presence of mind to attempt this test in effective manner.
  2. One have to keep logical ability at peak because here you have to react on one situation and that should be reasonable one remember no answer s wrong but thing is only few answers are suitable to become officer in armed forces and they must surely be stable.
  3. Here while attempting this you can not assume too many things which seems not available to you. You have to be optimum while using resources.
  4. You have to act like common man not like super hero; do write what you actually can do. Try to think something which comes out of your natural behavior. Don’t try to do something which doesn’t match your actual personality.
  5. Don’t get into unnecessary trouble. Remain calm read situation carefully your answer is always hidden in that.
  6. Never show bad temperament any negative response towards things. Don’t try to run away form situation. Don’t get into over imagination.
  7. Don’t show anger in your responses. Don’t become extra aggressive. Do something which easily sort out situation don’t let others into problem, always decide your priority.
  8. Don’t ignore things mentioned in SRT i.e in statement.


  1. Don’t write actions like would could will shall. Always keep it in past tense. 
  2. Don’t try it, being officer you are supposed to do things not to try them. So don’t 
  3. write I will try. 
  4. If we talk about VIP’s always take care of security maintenance, administration arrangements , here security is top most priority so don’t ignore this.
  5. Show that you can easily handle situations without hampering yourself.
  6. If you are getting SRT’s like snake and tiger .Don’t become superhero jus try to act like common man , don’t unnecessary kill and animal if you can get rid of it without kill. 
  7.  Always take care of sentences where you are taking about money maintenance. If small amount ok you can spent it but if amount is big utilize it in proper manner. 
  8. Remember if SRT girls are introduced in boys and boys are introduced in girls so act smartly. These things are knowingly done by assessors just to check your personality traits. 
  9. Mention your response clearly don’t show ambiguous response. Don’t use two reactions like if not this then this. 
  10. Avoid joining strikes, things which creates disharmony. 
  11. Don’t make extra assumptions when you are not getting any response just skip that sentence.


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