Rain Water Harvesting in India

     The topic now which we going to discuss, is the most essential thing , in recent decades. That, is Rainwater harvesting  in India. Many Indian cities lack sufficient water supplies. Urban growth is making it very difficult and expensive to build the dams, pipelines and canals , to supply cities with water. In comparison, rain water harvesting systems are a low-cost, low-impact for cities to increase supplies.

Methods to collect rainwater :-
Innovative Water Solutions educates the people with the following methods :-

  • Rain Barrels – A barrel can be placed on the doorsteps of House – Easily implemented by anyone at any residence, readily available, will not consume much space
  • Dry system – Same rain barrel method , but with large storage and can be placed next to your house, easy maintenance, can be inexpensive , great for climates where rainfall happens with infrequent.
  • Wet system – Locating collection pipes underground ,rainwater will fill and will rise in the vertical pipes and get collected in the tank , tank can be located away from your house.
Ok, let’s discuss the benefits of rainwater harvesting :-
  • Water bills can be reduced . 
  • Plant growth will be improved, which will again create a good environment
  • Soil erosion and floods can be reduced

     In Tamil Nadu, rainwater harvesting was made compulsory for each and every building. It gives excellent results, in 5 years.  All the other states in India, took Tamil Nadu as a role model .  Chennai saw a 50 percent rise in water level in five years and the water quality improved well.  In Rajasthan, Rainwater harvesting has traditionally been practiced by the people of the Thar Desert. Chauka system is traditionally followed by the Jaipur district people.  In Pune, recently rainwater harvesting has been made compulsory, in each and every new society.  Kerala, even though it is an area with too much rainfall . It is facing the water scarcity , in between February and May. So, they have arranged the roof water harvesting system, to overcome from the scarcity .

Let me conclude the topic with the necessities of Rainwater harvesting in India :-

  • Per capita rain water is being decreased. 
  • Industrial areas are also started consuming water, more 
  • Brings ecological and financial sense
  • Encourages water conservation and self dependence
  • Provides lifetime water and more

So, according to the famous quote PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, rainwater harvesting is the only method to prevent ourselves and the future generation from water scarcity.


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