Rules to follow during Group Tasks

Rules for Progressive Group Tasks (PGT), Half Group Tasks (HGT), Final Group Tasks (FGT) 
      The outdoor test was designed so efficiently that after its conduction GTO came to know about various things which must be known to board fir his/her selection. These test are conducted in series one after another and wit time GTO gets to know ore about candidate. In GTO task he lets you know about some rules and regulations which must be followed throughout your GTO conduct in required series of test.

Rules: Every thing in this world got some rules to perform so same for this. This are told to you in starting of PGT which is considered as first outdoor task of GTO series. Here they try to create some artificial obstacles which make you fall under some hurdle and you have to cross that to reach finish line starting form ending line. Now to reach their you have to follow some thing in mind which are mentioned by GTO. For this while GTO is explaining about rules you must pay fair hearing to that.

  1. Area between starting line and ending line can not be used by candidates in SSB we do call it as out of bound area. It means you can not use that area neither your material can.
  2. Group is being told about the length up to which you can jump, generally it is mentioned as less than 4 feet. Id distance is more you can not cross it by jumping rather you have to use your man and material for that. 
  3. One cannot move to next obstacle before whole group and material provided have crossed previous obstacle i.e reached finish line. 
  4. Remember the parallel line drawn is not finishing anywhere they are considered as till infinity. 
  5. Any material other than rope, plank or balli is considered as load which is usually green or black in color. You have to carry that along like dead man. 
Helping material:
Usually three things are given rope,fatta,balli and sometimes they also provide tyre . It is not necessary they will be providing you three things it truly depends upon obstacle if GTO thinks obstacle can be crossed without one of material he will take it away and tell you to use remaining one.
  1. Two rigid helping material can’t be tied together .eg u can not tie fatta and balli with help of rope. 
  2. One helping material can be used as support for other or to increase length but don’t tie them. 
  3. Rigid material can be tied to any structure but provided color rules must follow that. 
  4. Two ropes can be tied together. 
  5. We can also tie rope to one solid material but only one. 
  6. Your rope can be tied to any solid structure but it should be white in color.
  1. Structure which is painted white is color is in bound for men and material. It can be used by both to cross obstacle.
  2. Structure which is yellow in color is inbound for men but out of bound for material.
  3. Structure which is red in color is out of bound for both men and material. 
NOTE: Some board replaces yellow color by green and blue.

     If any of the rules is broken very first thing is admit it and don’t start blaming any member for this. It totally depends upon GTO what he will be going to give as a penalty. Sometimes he neglect mistake and allow you to proceed sometimes he tells to repeat pervious structure again. Be ready to pay penalty.
     Always do remember rules they plays important role here. Sometimes one more thing is get provide to you which is called as OMTD (ONE TIME MOVABLE DRUM).it is provided only when it is required somewhere inside the obstacle to cross particular structure. It’s we who have to find out where we are going to utilize that. Remember that can by paint as white, yellow or red so it does follow same rules of color code. As name reflect one time movable this drum can only be used once while you are crossing obstacle once you have changed its position after then you cannot use it . it is considered as fixed object then.


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