Unemployment in India 2013

     Here, we are going to discuss about the most common issue of the country, UNEMPLOYMENT. The basic need of a common man, is Employment . Unemployment rate will affect not only the individual man, but will affect the Country.
     The NSSO ( National survey sample organization ) revealed that the Unemployment rate in India   rose from 0.2 percent in 2004 – 05 to 5.5 percent in 2009-10. The maximum unemployment percentage was witnessed in Patna and Kanpur at 13.2 percent and 7.7 percent respectively in 2009-10. The lowest rate of unemployment was recorded in Bhopal at 0.1 percent followed by Surat at 0.6 percent and Indore at 0.8 percent in 2009-10.
     After 2010, it has started decreasing in 2011 to 3.80 percent.  Between 1983-2011, the highest we met is 9.40 and the lowest we met is 3.80.  But, according to an article in The Times of India, on June 23, 2013, gave a rate that, Unemployment rate in India has increased. It is 2% rural areas and 3% in urban India. In Rural areas, the unemployment rate is equal.  But in urban areas, women are more unemployed that men.  And a survey done by NSSO says that, women are more self-employed that men. In Agriculture , the women dominates the men.
     In the world statistics, India places 95th place in highest unemployment. Whereas, Zimbabwe places the first place.  In value we can say, 95.00 for Zimbabwe and 9.90 in India. This rate is by 2012.
Indian Express released an article during Sep 19, 2013, all India unemployment rate at 4.7pct, among youth. The latest Annual Employment & Unemployment Survey report for 2012-13 released by Labour Bureau under Union ministry of Labor and Employment here today, Sikkim state had the maximum unemployed people in the Country.

Effects of Unemployment :-

  • Increase in the crime rate
  • Poverty is in the large-scale
  • Non- availability of social security
     The younger generation, be the solution of the Unemployment problems in India.  We should create jobs.  The government should  support the small business.  The 2 child concept is the best solution. There should be a change in the Education system.  The Government should encourage the Backbone of the country, the Agriculture. The liberalization of the economy, will reduce the unemployment rate.
Now, the latest trend and mantra is the ITE’s , BPO’s and call centres, large rate of unemployment have been reduced. But, at the same time, we should be so careful that, the competitive countries like China, is being made recent allegations against our Call Centres.  The government should levy proper planning and measures against the allegations.
     As humans, we have the responsibility to bring our children with the proper Education and good values, so that in the coming decades, we can totally reduce the unemployment in future. 


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