What are the things to be carried for SSB Interview?

Documents Proof of your identity with photograph (vote ID/PAN card/Driving license/Passport/UPSC admit card while coming for the SSB interview).
  1. Your call letter for the SSB, admit card in any, affidavit if required. 
  2. Metric/equivalent certificates showing date of births, in original along with the attested photocopies.
  3. Certified /authenticated copies signed by the competent authority of the every achievement in the field of NCC, Games sports and other extracurricular activities.
  4. Twenty copies of latest passport size photograph, unattested. Background of the photograph should be sky-blue or white.
Candidate are advised to travel light with the following items:-
  1. Two pairs of white shorts and t-shirts (woolens clothing during winter season).
  2. Women candidates must carry white lower pants and t-shirts.
  3. Adequate civil clothing.
  4. Turbans for sikh clothing.
  5. Two pairs of white pt shoes/sports and white socks.
  6. Adequate writing material.
  7. Lock and key.
  8. Personal serving in army/Airforce/navy to bring one set of uniform (according to season) and combat dress.
CASH & VALUABLES: A maximum of Rs. Five hundred over and above what is required for journey expenses may be carried. No valuables should b carried.

JOURNEY: You have to plan your journey accordingly , as per your call up date , you have to book your return ticket in advance .If someone gets screen out he/she has to return back on same day so one should book advance ticket for this (if you belongs to some far place). If one
gets conference out he/she has to book that day ticket and for those who get recommended sometimes get stay in for one more night but it totally depends upon board. Few boards allow you to return on same conference day. So again plan accordingly.

INSTRUCTIONS: Candidates should take care of themselves when they go for outing during their SSB visit. They should keep themselves away from any harm or any mess. They should keep in mind that they are there for some purpose. So avoid anything which harms you. They should return in time (which is told to them by board).


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