What GTO checks at you in Day 3 and 4 of Group Tasks

     Group testing officer conduct this series and it get started on day 3rd designated as GTO -1 and GTO-II days, on which ,the group testing officer conducts a series of nine very interesting outdoor and indoor activities. These tasks are designated to be stressful and compelling, so that it urges you to willingly participate since these tasks are conducted in a very cordial and encouraging atmosphere, you will find yourself getting completely involved and as a result give away your true characteristics that you normally do not share with others. Once again, the imposition of time constraint and certain binding rules ensure that your responses to the situations are the instinctive and not pre-planned. The GTO task that you will be put through GTO-I/II day are listed below:


All these tests are designed to check your implementation qualities by giving different type of scenario. Sometimes within group, with in lesser no. of people. Sometimes by giving you individual hurdles.

     The main funda behind all group activities is to check weather we have those qualities or not which are utmost required for the growth and improvement of group.  We will be provided with different kind of activities be it group obstacle race where we will be helping each other along with competing with another group, how you are going to present yourself when others are going good/bad in your group.
Remember in fact it’s not about individual in fact there is none about individual every time everywhere it’s all about your group and its efforts.
     What kind of behaviors you are taking out in different situations while working in group , are u playing good role or becoming burden for group , do you have ideas to share , if so ,is group ready to pay fair hearing or implementing them, if not then how you are helping others in implementing their ideas. Ideas given by you are workable or not? How much active you are , how you motivated your group , how much you influence them all this get checked under group activities. Now if have enough capabilities to work as a group member then further you will be observed as leader or follower (both plays imp role. How you pass on your idea to group , are you meek or dominant .  How much easy going you are , u easily get aggressive or know how to ignore unwanted circumstances. How easily you carry situation from one track to another. How you backtrack your group when it is going wrong or you simply start following them. How your strategies work when you start implementing them or it just seems airy conversation. GTO take care of all this and note down every single point .remember till end you have chance to create impression but try to catch it as soon as possible.

     Here they check how much efficient you are with less man power or when you find yourself alone in situation be it command task or be it individual obstacles. Here time constraint is put to check your efficiency. To check various kind of things like are u embedded with some kind of phobia like height phobia, depth etc. How much stamina you have. In command task usually you are checked as being commander, how you give commands, or how you involve yourself with your supporters. Either they do exactly what you are saying or they are not listening you carefully. Are u able to solve situation by your own or you are in need of help, if so how you seek help.

     This is main concern part which is observed under group discussions, GPE and lecturette. Here they check your influencing abilities, your logical point of view.
     In GD two chances were given to one group in which once you get chance to choose the topic given by GTO and once he gives you topic of his own choice. Remember both topics comes out of his mind so don’t think about easy and tough. While discussing he checks your participation being group member , how much others listening you, your non verbal communication while dropping your point , how much you are contributing in taking discussion forward, how much capable are you to break fish market. How much you agree with others point of you, how much flexible you are, or you are like “only I knows”. How much logical you are in your approach means how much facts figures you put while giving data. How much broad perspective are you carrying? Same is in GPE. Are you able to understand problem? , required men and material? How much assumption do you make, are you good in dealing with distance, time and men together. Are you capable of dividing task easily? Are you able to contribute good ideas while planning to solve out problem how much good you are in while making out priorities. All this plays major role in life of an officer so you are being checked on all such perspectives.


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