What is expected from you (candidate) at SSB?

The below are the main component or we can say main ingredient to become an officer. These are the parameters on which you are judged to become an officer. This is job of SSB board to judge candidates on parameters listed below:

  1. Cheerfulness (how much you like your work while doing it?)
  2. Effective intelligence How much intelligent you are?
  3. Reasoning ability Degree of intelligence matters, decides your OIR ranking
  4. Organizing ability (How much easily you manage man and material)
  5. Power of expression (What impact do you left on your group?)
  6. Social adaptability (How much easy going you are with others.)
  7. Cooperation (How much you support others and go along with them)
  8. Sense of responsibility (do you get to know your job by your own)
  9. Initiative (Are you willing to come in front)
  10. Speed of decision (How much fast you calculate and place right and quick decision)
  11. Ability to influence group (Do you have capability to let others listen you)
  12. Liveliness (What kind of humour you carry)
  13. Courage (Are you willing to take any kind of challenges)
  14. Stamina (How much drive do you have to work for us)
  15. Will power (How long you can stay )
  16. Determination (Do you have it in you)
  17. Dedication (With how much zeal you participate)
  18. Josh (This is your driving force)
  19. Aggressiveness (constructive one)
  20. Confidence ( do you have belief in you)
  21. Attitude (positive)
  22. Fearless ( do you remain stable in worst situations)

The degree of intelligence matters a lot, for an example how many details you can see in your picture which shows your verbal and non verbal ability. You must have no. 1 asset with you that is called as self confidence. You should ask question to yourself. Are you clear with your thinking or it is bit hazy?
Are you a spirited person, have live face, are you social? Are you cooperative, responsible and punctual? How much honest you are with you?
Thing is when you get to know about your qualities and weakness here comes the main mantra and that is called as process of improvement. Some things can be trained but few are not trainable so we should focus more upon them.
For Eg:- Sense of responsibility , social adaptability, reasoning ability are the things which cannot be trained but things like power of expression , organizing ability can be improved by enhancing personality of individual.
Leaders are one who find out things and take them toward betterment. Their receptivity power is good. Inquiring ability is always ready to sort out something inquisitive.  What kind of attitude you bear towards your subordinates, show much you credit your subordinates. This shows you are good leader.

Are you willing to take to challenges and calculative risks keeping all factors in mind?


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