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Drug abuse in India

The most critical and important issue in India is Drug abuse.  It sucks India.  Our Society suffers a lot, due to this issue.  Let’s see the burdens and the solutions of the issue.

     First, want to discuss about the Children abuse in drugs.  W.H.O  has made a statistics and gave a report that, if the current trends continue, 250 million children alive today will be killed by Tobacco.  We are in such a worst situation. And, the drug abuse is more in children and adolescents is higher than the general population.  In India, a NGO survey revealed that 63.6% of drug abuse patients is from the age group of below 15 years. The use of drugs such as whitener, alcohol, tobacco, hard and soft drugs is especially wide spread in street children, working children and trafficked children.

     According to the survey, India has at least 70 million drug addicts, spreads over.  If we dig the reason for this, we can say that India has seen a rise in Industrialization and urbanization, which h…

Ragging in India

Ragging, means literally a form of interaction by the seniors to the juniors. But Practically, the meaning gone worse. Now, it can be defined as an act which violates one individual’s dignity.  Since British era, Ragging has its awful history, especially in the medical colleges. South Indian districts are more violent in ragging. Medical colleges leads the other colleges, in ragging. Even Engineering colleges and Hostels are not lesser in contribution to ragging. National anti ragging helpline data shows between June 2009 and Sep’2013, UP registered 432 ragging cases, which is pathetic. If we segrate according to sex, male is 404 and 28 were girls.

     Will look on some tragedy and important cases of ragging, all over India.  On 6th April, 2013, a malayali student died because of Ragging in an Engineering college in Rasipuram, Namakkal district.  A student in Gurgaon in an Engineering college, attempted suicide during March, 2013. And there are many cases in Delhi, because of …

Rural development in India

To discuss about the Rural development , we should define what do you mean by rural areas ? Rural areas can be simply defined as the areas which are outside of cities and towns,  whatever is not urban can be defined as rural areas.  According to the planning commission in India, a town with a maximum of 15,000 population is called as rural area, and can be defined as a village.
     The developing nation like India, the development lies in the development of rural areas. Where lies the agriculture, the major source of Income of our country. Rural development is essential for our country, for India, to become a Developed Country.  Because, the rural population is about 70% of the total population in India. The rural expenditure accounts for 55% of the total national monthly expenditure.
     Rural development, defined as the Socio-economic development in the rural areas. Government of India, has organized a separate department for Rural development during 1990. Rural development …

Caste system in India

The major issue which is deep rooted in India, for decades is the Caste system in India. What is caste system ? It can be defined as stratified social hierarchy which distinguishes India from other nations.
There are thousands and thousands of castes, which has its own rules and customs. Hinduism, has more castes. The researchers said that, before 4200 years ago, the caste system started, during the Indus valley civilization.

     During ancient period, the caste been identified by the nature of the work they are doing. Start from the priests, washermen, people who used for toilet cleaning, etc. There are about 3000 jobs in India, and there is no one all-Indian system of ranking them in order of status.This has been described as caste. While we talk about the caste system, we should mention about the un-touchability habit in India.  

    Un-touchability is for a group of people in India, known as Dalit later in the Society. They were not allowed to touch the other community peo…

Status of women in India

     What is the status of women in India ? 
     The women still persists a lower grade than the male in the society. The civilization of the country lies in the growth of the women in the society.  Because women are not educated and not holding any prestigious jobs .  The women status in India, practically low , but when we read the old epics, they were treated as theoretically high.
     India is a society , where male gender is being giving priority. The culture is like, female will prepare food, do the household works, simply they treat women as a tool to give child birth. Only about 39 percent of Indian female got attend the primary education. In urban areas, the female in the society is developing gradually. Whereas in rural areas, people still have the mindset not to make the female to get educated and eventhough they got educated, not sending for job.
     After the abolishment of Sati system, the women started earning good status in the society. The status of women, started …

Female literacy rate in India and solutions for low literacy rate

Female literacy rate is gradually growing in India, because of the modern culture. Female treated equally in the society and they are getting good education. Let’s discuss in detail. Female above seven years, should know how to write and read in any of the language is considered to be an literate.
The Country’s development is lies in the literacy rate.  Because of the female illiteracy, India was lagging in the literacy rate. But in the recent decades, the female literacy rate is getting increased in a high rate. In the recent ten years, it shows an improvement of 9 percent. In 2011, the rate of literacy is 74.04% , where as in 2001 , it was 65.38%. Which consists a male literacy of 82.14% and female literacy rate of 65.46%.  Andaman & Nicobar islands ranked the first place in the female literacy rate, which is 81.8%, whereas Tamilnadu got the place of 31, which has a female literacy of 73.9%.
Reasons for the Female illiteracy :-

The deep rooted culture of male domination is t…

Details of Param Vir Chakra Gallantry Award

The topic, which we are going to discuss about is about the pride of the Nation. Yes, our Army forces are the pride to the nation. To that pride force, the highest honour awarded to the military personnel is the PARAMVIR CHAKRA AWARD. Let we discuss, about it further.
     The paramvir chakra award is the second highest award of the Government of India, where Bharat Ratna award places the first.  The Paramvir chakra was established in 26th January, 1950 – Republic day of India, by the President of India, with effect from 15th August, 1947 – Independence day of India.

Design of The paramvir chakra :-
The design of the Paramvir chakra, have been designed by a Hungarian-Russian woman, who born in Switzerland.  She married an Indian army officer, in 1932. She loved him along with the patriotic feel of the country. She involved herself in the Hindu scriptures and took a degree from the Nalanda University. After Independence, the Major-General Hiralal Atal, asked her to design the Para…

Dowry System in India

If we talk about the women issues in India. The  first and the foremost issue is the Dowry system. Nowadays, even though the groom’s parents don’t demand for dowry. The bride’s parents, is following the Dowry system , as the culture of India.
     Veena Talwar Oldenburg, who is a History professor at Baruch college in New York, wrote a Book about the Women of India. In that book, she mentioned that “ Dowry system is an Institution managed by women, by women, for women, to enable them to establish their status in their society. Over the decades, it slowly bloomed as a torcher to the bride and the family.
     In 1961, a law has been passed by the Indian Parliament against dowry – Dowry prohibition Act, which is outlawing the practice of dowry as a condition for marriage. Even after that, according to the latest figures issued by Indian National Crime Records Bureau ( NCRB ) dowry issues has been increased in the recent years. The number of dowry deaths :-
2001 – 68512006 – 7618 20…

Join Indian Army as an Officer after your graduation without leaving your primary job - Territorial Army Notification 2014

Are you an employee of any organization or owning a business after completing your graduation.  Do you want to serve the army without leaving your primary job.  Then it is the right opportunity for you.  Our Army gives opportunity to join as "Territorial Army Officer"

Gender:- Male
Age:- 18 - 42 Years
Existing Employment Eligibility:- The person should be employed in Central Government/Semi Government(Public Sector)/Private Firm/Own Business/Self Employed

Note:- The persons who are already serving in forces such as State Police or other
para military forces are not eligible to apply.

Training details :-Refer to Advertisement.

Syllabus for Written Examination:-
The written examination consists of two parts,
PART - I - Short Essay on General Topic.
PART - II - Object type questions on General Awareness (Current Affairs, Political,
National and International, Economic and Sports)

How to apply and Address details, 
To download the Application Form, click here
This differs…