Caste system in India

     The major issue which is deep rooted in India, for decades is the Caste system in India. What is caste system ? It can be defined as stratified social hierarchy which distinguishes India from other nations.
There are thousands and thousands of castes, which has its own rules and customs. Hinduism, has more castes. The researchers said that, before 4200 years ago, the caste system started, during the Indus valley civilization.

     During ancient period, the caste been identified by the nature of the work they are doing. Start from the priests, washermen, people who used for toilet cleaning, etc. There are about 3000 jobs in India, and there is no one all-Indian system of ranking them in order of status.This has been described as caste. While we talk about the caste system, we should mention about the un-touchability habit in India.  

    Un-touchability is for a group of people in India, known as Dalit later in the Society. They were not allowed to touch the other community people in India. The most worst part is they are not allowed inside the Temples in India. Lot of struggles were done by leaders of India, to make this community people a status in India. In 2001, the Dalit population was 16.2 percent of India’s total population.

Dalit :- Since 1950, India has enacted and implemented many laws and social initiatives to protect and improve the Socio-economic conditions of Dalit population. The struggles lead to violence. They formed lot of Dalit organizations and fought against the society, to get their rights . Indian government has levied lot of privileges to the Dalits. Slowly, they started to progress in the society. Now, they are far better than they were 50 years back.\

     And if we talk about the caste system, another major issue is the same caste marriage. The boys and girls are forced to do the marriages in the same caste, which prevails still in the society. This again spreads the caste system like a fire. But nowadays, lot of inter caste marriages and inter religious marriages are happening, which can lead a bright future of India. Education made the people to realize
about the mistakes they are doing in the name of Casteism in India.

     But still, we can read lot of recent issues which are happening in the name of castes. People are ready to do any kind of crimes in the name of castes. Still, some people are still against castes, they are still in depth in their bloods. We can read in newspapers, lovers suicide themselves and some people kill their daughters or sons, for their dignity of caste. Caste system, is rooted in their genetic code.

     Government has announced lot of welfare programmes for the Inter-caste marriages, to avoid this caste system in India. And special seats are available in Education system and in the government jobs . Dr. Ambedkar is an important person, who is the leader of Dalit. Government has announced Reservation policy for the SC’s/ST’s in the Society. And we should mention about Gandhiji, who addressed this Dalit people as Harijan which means the “Children of God” . But some people were against the name. As per the Government of India, the reservation quota for Schedules castes is 15 percent .

Solutions :-

  • Awareness should be created to eradicate the caste totally from the society.
  • Inter-caste marriages should be encouraged more, by giving them more privileges.
  • Free education should be given according to the poverty and as well as the caste.
  • Here, we have to think about an issue , people started issuing duplicate caste certificate, to get the privileges of the society. Yes, some of the forward community people have under mentioned their castes, to get reservations in Education and Recruitment of the Government.  These things should be avoided by their individual morality for the welfare of the self and the society.


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