Details of Param Vir Chakra Gallantry Award

     The topic, which we are going to discuss about is about the pride of the Nation. Yes, our Army forces are the pride to the nation. To that pride force, the highest honour awarded to the military personnel is the PARAMVIR CHAKRA AWARD. Let we discuss, about it further.
     The paramvir chakra award is the second highest award of the Government of India, where Bharat Ratna award places the first.  The Paramvir chakra was established in 26th January, 1950 – Republic day of India, by the President of India, with effect from 15th August, 1947 – Independence day of India.

Design of The paramvir chakra :-
The design of the Paramvir chakra, have been designed by a Hungarian-Russian woman, who born in Switzerland.  She married an Indian army officer, in 1932. She loved him along with the patriotic feel of the country. She involved herself in the Hindu scriptures and took a degree from the Nalanda University. After Independence, the Major-General Hiralal Atal, asked her to design the Paramvir chakra medal. Later, she is called as Savithri Khanolkar .
She designed in such a way that, it is cast in Bronze, small circle with the radius of 13/8 inch. In the center, it has the State Emblem, surrounded by the four replicas of Indra’s Vajra, flanked by the sword of Shivaji. The decoration is suspended from a straight swiveling suspension bar, and is held by a 32 mm purple ribbon. Savitri died in 1990, but her memory lives in the great award of which is given to Soldiers.

Eligibility to get the award :-
• Basic eligibility – Only to the military people it is awarded
• Most conspicuous bravery
• Daring or pre-eminent act of valour
• Self-sacrifice in the presence of the enemy, whether on land, at sea or at the air.

Winners of Paramvir chakra :-
Times of India, released an article during Jan25, 2008, about the winners of Paramvirchakra since 1950.

The first 3 persons who received the Paramvir chakra :-
1.  Major Somnath Sharma , of Himachal Pradesh, lost his life on November 3, 1947, in a fight against Pakistan troops, at Kashmir . His father Major Amarnath Sharma received the award for the first time in India, on behalf of his son.
2.  Lance Naik karam singh,  of Punjab. In the battle of Tithwal, during Kashmir operations in 1948, he made outstanding role, honoured with the Paramvir chakra.
3.  Second Lieutenant Rama Raghoba Rane, of Karnataka. The Indian army recaptured Jhangar, from the enemy during 1947-48 Jammu & Kashmir operations. Indian troops planned an advance from Naushahra  to Rajouri.  During that Rane made his sincere effort for Indian army, gave him the Paramvir chakra award.
The last person who got the Paramvir chakra award is Yogendra singh was born in Aurangabad village, Uttarpradesh.  His tremendous actions during the Great Kargil war gave him the Paramvir chakra award, on 4th July, 1999.  But the sad part of this honourable award is no one got the award after that.  In 30th June 2011, in a major decision, Defence ministry have decided to increase the allowances for the paramvir chakra. The annual allowance of the paramvir chakra awardees is Rs. 10000 per month.  The State government of Andhra Pradesh issue Rs. 1000 per month , where as the Government of Uttar Pradesh, gives Rs. 1500 per month.  The Maharashtra government announce during the year 2011, that they have made a decision to give Rs. 25 lakh to the winners of Mahavir chakra and Paramvir Chakra.  Each and every State government, should come forward to give their best to the family of the Paramvirchakra awardees. So that, the families will get benefitted and it will be an encouragement to each and every citizen.


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