Dowry System in India

     If we talk about the women issues in India. The  first and the foremost issue is the Dowry system. Nowadays, even though the groom’s parents don’t demand for dowry. The bride’s parents, is following the Dowry system , as the culture of India.
     Veena Talwar Oldenburg, who is a History professor at Baruch college in New York, wrote a Book about the Women of India. In that book, she mentioned that “ Dowry system is an Institution managed by women, by women, for women, to enable them to establish their status in their society. Over the decades, it slowly bloomed as a torcher to the bride and the family.
     In 1961, a law has been passed by the Indian Parliament against dowry – Dowry prohibition Act, which is outlawing the practice of dowry as a condition for marriage. Even after that, according to the latest figures issued by Indian National Crime Records Bureau ( NCRB ) dowry issues has been increased in the recent years. The number of dowry deaths :-
  1. 2001 – 6851
  2. 2006 – 7618 
  3. 2012 – 8233
However, the conviction rate remains 32 percent, in this cases. See the Worst scenario of India. The worst part here is women abuse women for dowry. On an average, one Indian woman commits suicide every four hours because of dowry disputes.
Let’s discuss about the solutions of this Wrong moral custom in India :-
  • Educate your Children – Parents have the responsibility to educate their daughters , so that they can overcome this issue on their own, and let them live pride in the society.  With the career in her hand, she can avoid the dowry boldly in the society.
  • Pluck from the root of the cause – Dowry system is deeply rooted in Indian culture. We should change the mindset of the people, especially the younger generation. We should have the responsibility to make them understand that culture is worst. 
  • The government and the policemen should be more strict towards the dowry issues and deaths. 
  • Have to create awareness about the dowry system, overall the citizens, through some programmes or through any religious leaders
  • Women Institutions should come forward to eradicate the dowry system from the society
According to the saying “ women can do anything”, each and every women in the society, should think about this issue seriously, and everyone should have an oath in their mind that “ Should not demand dowry and should not ask dowry”. If it worked out really, totally the Dowry system will get eradicate from our society. 


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