Drug abuse in India

     The most critical and important issue in India is Drug abuse.  It sucks India.  Our Society suffers a lot, due to this issue.  Let’s see the burdens and the solutions of the issue.

     First, want to discuss about the Children abuse in drugs.  W.H.O  has made a statistics and gave a report that, if the current trends continue, 250 million children alive today will be killed by Tobacco.  We are in such a worst situation. And, the drug abuse is more in children and adolescents is higher than the general population.  In India, a NGO survey revealed that 63.6% of drug abuse patients is from the age group of below 15 years. The use of drugs such as whitener, alcohol, tobacco, hard and soft drugs is especially wide spread in street children, working children and trafficked children.

     According to the survey, India has at least 70 million drug addicts, spreads over.  If we dig the reason for this, we can say that India has seen a rise in Industrialization and urbanization, which has caused large migrations to its cities. This leads to the lose of traditional culture and slowly the people engage themselves in the vulnerable to the stresses and strains of the modern way of life.

Effects in the society :-
The family is getting affected with domestic violence, infectious disease and financial problems
Social imbalance – 75% of the Indian families affect with the problem
Youth who abused with the drugs, is getting lack of Education
Increase in diseases like HIV, TB, Hepatitis B and C

We have, lot of de-addiction centers, in India . But, most of our Indian families, feel ashamed to make their family member to get join in the De-addiction center.  The family should come forward to join the person who got addicted.
The United Nations Office or Drug control and Crime prevention has announced a Handbook to help communities prevent drug abuse :-

  • Promotes the healthy life
  • Focus on people and encouragement of social interaction
  • Local involvement of young people and respect our cultural values
  • Encouragement of positive alternatives
  • Long term perspective
  • Community development

If the Society follows the above points , we can get a drug-free India, in the future.  No one is a born addict, only the habits made them.  Each and every individual should have the strong feel inside, not to use drugs. If that happens, sure we can have a HEALTHY INDIA.


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