Female literacy rate in India and solutions for low literacy rate

     Female literacy rate is gradually growing in India, because of the modern culture. Female treated equally in the society and they are getting good education. Let’s discuss in detail. Female above seven years, should know how to write and read in any of the language is considered to be an literate.
The Country’s development is lies in the literacy rate.  Because of the female illiteracy, India was lagging in the literacy rate. But in the recent decades, the female literacy rate is getting increased in a high rate. In the recent ten years, it shows an improvement of 9 percent. In 2011, the rate of literacy is 74.04% , where as in 2001 , it was 65.38%. Which consists a male literacy of 82.14% and female literacy rate of 65.46%.  Andaman & Nicobar islands ranked the first place in the female literacy rate, which is 81.8%, whereas Tamilnadu got the place of 31, which has a female literacy of 73.9%.
Reasons for the Female illiteracy :-

  • The deep rooted culture of male domination is the main cause for the female illiteracy
  • Economical reasons – A family with boy and girl, prefers the boy to study . 
  • Dowry culture – As the parents has the responsibility to make ready the dowry and jewels for the girls, they fail to make her literate.
  • Lack of awareness
  • Another major reason, lack of facilities at schools – 54% of schools in UP don’t have toilet facilities. 

Effects of Female illiteracy :-

  • The entire family will suffer because of her illiteracy.
  • They will not aware of their own rights
  • A part of the society will continuously be illiterate.
  • Lack of awareness of family planning programmes, illiterate women have high levels of fertility, where India is struggling a lot for population control
  • In the recent decades, a positive sign is there towards the Female literacy.  And the most welcome part is , as per the latest statistics, the gap between the rural and urban is gradually decreasing in the Census. As per the recent study, the rate of female literacy is 84.1 in urban population and 67.8 percent in urban population. Four out of five males and two out of every three females in the country are literate. 
  • If we talk about the world rate of female illiteracy, there are 538 million illiterate women and a total of 640 million illiterate women in the world. UNESCO in a study announces that women without formal education give more birth than the educated women. 

Let’s discuss about  the solutions to increase the female literacy :-

  • Create awareness to the parents about the importance of female education, by conduction programmes in rural areas.
  • Government should give financial help to the people below poverty line for  education
  • Special scholarships should be given for the female children.
  • Adult education is necessary which in turn create an increase in the female literacy rate.
  • Volunteers should come forward to educate the poor children in the society.
  • To conclude this discussion, I can say that Female literacy is a Social responsibility for each and every family in the society. Irrespective of religion and caste, we should make our children educated, irrespective of their sex.


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