Ragging in India

     Ragging, means literally a form of interaction by the seniors to the juniors. But Practically, the meaning gone worse. Now, it can be defined as an act which violates one individual’s dignity.  Since British era, Ragging has its awful history, especially in the medical colleges. South Indian districts are more violent in ragging. Medical colleges leads the other colleges, in ragging. Even Engineering colleges and Hostels are not lesser in contribution to ragging. National anti ragging helpline data shows between June 2009 and Sep’2013, UP registered 432 ragging cases, which is pathetic. If we segrate according to sex, male is 404 and 28 were girls.
     Will look on some tragedy and important cases of ragging, all over India.  On 6th April, 2013, a malayali student died because of Ragging in an Engineering college in Rasipuram, Namakkal district.  A student in Gurgaon in an Engineering college, attempted suicide during March, 2013. And there are many cases in Delhi, because of ragging, some students were unable to walk, because of rude actions by the seniors.

     A worst and sad part is ragging started in school levels also. In west Bengal,  5 boys were tortured with blades and sticks in 8th standard, by their seniors.  A recent case in Kolkata , during October ‘2013, the police arrested a girl in an Engineering college in Kolkata.  One different case, happened in October’2013, IIHM – International institute of Hotel management , 2 students were arrested as they harassed a 18 year old fresher.
     The most tragedy ragging death, which brings the ragging violence to limelight, is the Death of NAVARASU.  The whole Tamilnadu got jerked up because of that story.  Navarasu ‘s body they found in a suitcase  at Chennai. And during investigation, they came to know that John David, a 3rd year student, did ragging to navarasu, a first year student and he murdered him.  The court gave him the 36 years prisonment to John david.  But, even after the ragging didn’t get stopped.  Government levied, many anti ragging laws.

Measure against ragging :-

  • Medical council regularized the ragging with certain rules and regulations, they wont admit   students in the Hostel, if they commit ragging
  • Student affairs department, workds in full swing towards the prevention of ragging
  • All the Engineering colleges are giving Antiragging affidavit for parents and the students
  • Prevention of Ragging act 
  • UGC – University grants commission has invited NGO’s to monitor anti-ragging activities in colleges
  • Delhi university has applied water-tight measures . 

How to prevent this ragging ? 

  • Initial step – we should make the students to get educated about this , in the primary level itself, we can educate them during the school levels, moral education.
  • Write mails to the committee members of the college or the Institutes 
  • We should have the guds to talk about them in the public. 
  • And there is a anti – ragging helpline toll free numbers are there to report. 

UGC – University Grants commission has levied some punishments towards ragging, let’s see as below :-
1. Admission will be cancelled
2. Suspension for certain period of time
3. Debarring the students who involved in ragging, for exams
4. Suspension or expulsion from the hostel
5. Fine up to Rs. 25,000
     Apart from all, the students should need a human heart and think for a minute before ragging . I can conclude this discussion as, “LOVE YOUR JUNIORS AS LIKE YOUR BROTHERS”. This simple logo can easily solve so many issues . They should understand , that they came to study not to do violence. 


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