Rural development in India

     To discuss about the Rural development , we should define what do you mean by rural areas ? Rural areas can be simply defined as the areas which are outside of cities and towns,  whatever is not urban can be defined as rural areas.  According to the planning commission in India, a town with a maximum of 15,000 population is called as rural area, and can be defined as a village.
     The developing nation like India, the development lies in the development of rural areas. Where lies the agriculture, the major source of Income of our country. Rural development is essential for our country, for India, to become a Developed Country.  Because, the rural population is about 70% of the total population in India. The rural expenditure accounts for 55% of the total national monthly expenditure.
     Rural development, defined as the Socio-economic development in the rural areas. Government of India, has organized a separate department for Rural development during 1990. Rural development includes the activities such as basic facilities. Lot of NGO’s are also working towards the Rural development of India .

The areas in which we can segregate the development of Rural areas are :-

  • Water conservation – Rainwaster harvesting and harnessing
  • Improving access to underground water – Irrigation facilities
  • Sanitation – Forming community and individual toilets
  • Agriculture – All the facilities , pesticides, soil enhancement 
  • Education – Providing from the children till the old people, vocational training, Higher/secondary schooling
  • Health – Primary health centers, secondary hospitals by helping communities. Reduce the possibilities of diseases which are epidemic
  • Livelihood – Providing Micro finance to the villagers , small Enterprises , create platforms for Self- employment 
  • Employment – with all the above facilities, create employments 
  • Communication – Media and Telecommunication facilities. 
  • Let’s discuss the positive points in rural development :-
  • Market access for the farm goods, is become easier and the rates can be reduced. 
  • If the literacy rate will increase , lot of good students can be placed in various industries, which in turn increase the development of the nation.
  • Lot of employment opportunities will be created to all the professions Agricultural growth
  • The difference in the status, will gradually decrease because of the rural development. 

     Business census have has released an article recently about the statistical approach of Rural development. Of the 121 crore population in India, 83.3 crores live in rural areas and 37.7 crores in urban areas.  18.62% of rural population lives in Uttar Pradesh, whereas the urban population lives in Maharashtra.
India, is a country which have ups and downs in the Socio-economic growth . It causes because of the non growth in the rural development .  To get a proper developed nation , the rural areas should get developed. Urbanisation should be increased, we should volunteer ourselves in the Rural development. NGO’s like NIRD – National institute of Rural development and Swadesh formation of India  and number of NGO’s are working towards the goal we should involve us in that, to make our country a Developed Nation in the World.  


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