Status of women in India

     What is the status of women in India ? 
     The women still persists a lower grade than the male in the society. The civilization of the country lies in the growth of the women in the society.  Because women are not educated and not holding any prestigious jobs .  The women status in India, practically low , but when we read the old epics, they were treated as theoretically high.
     India is a society , where male gender is being giving priority. The culture is like, female will prepare food, do the household works, simply they treat women as a tool to give child birth. Only about 39 percent of Indian female got attend the primary education. In urban areas, the female in the society is developing gradually. Whereas in rural areas, people still have the mindset not to make the female to get educated and eventhough they got educated, not sending for job.
     After the abolishment of Sati system, the women started earning good status in the society. The status of women, started to rise during the period of Gandhiji, he started asking help from the women, during the freedom struggle .  After the abolishment of Sati system, the women started earning good status in the society. We can say few examples Sarojini naidu, Vijayalakshmi pandit. And the marvelous example for the high status is the great Mrs. Indira Gandhi, who was the prime minister of India.  Mother Teresa, though she is not an Indian, but she dedicated her whole life for India, so we have to mention about her Nobel prize.
     Now, the major issue of women is the torchers they are receiving in the in law’s house. Still, we can read in newspapers, daughter in law attempted suicide.  Women and men are equal before law, but practically it is not working out .
     In the recent decades, women showed their good progress more than the men in the Examinations. This shows a rapid growth of their status. The government is giving special attention towards the education of girls.  In modern India, women held high offices like Prime minister, president , speaker of the lok sabha and leader of the opposition.  A poll conducted by Thomson Reuters said that , “ fourth most dangerous country “ in the world for women is India. Scholars have made a research that in ancient India. But in spite of this worst condition, women played a prominent role in politics, literature, education and religion.
     Now, women has stepped into all the fields. They indulge themselves as teachers, nurses, air-hostesses, booking clerks, receptionists and doctors. And playing a vital role in politics and administration.  Lot of women are working and as well as taking care of their family. They are playing a successful role as a HOME MANAGER and OFFICIAL MANAGER. It is a fact in all the industries, that women are dedicated to their work, honest and efficient .  A women is a Wife, mother, sister and daughter. What all criticisms she is receiving in the society, she is just avoiding each and every milestone and growing up further and further.  Beautiful homes, build a society. Each and every beautiful home is built by a successful women. She is the real king of the family.
Government has taken lot of measures to improve the standard of the women in the society. The important law is the Hindu code bill has been passed, as if there is an equal share in the property. This leads the women to a high status.
     But, if we talk about the status of the women in the world, it confirms the deplorable condition of women all over the world . It is said that women have not achieved equality with men in any country. The women representation in the world parliaments is just 17%. India has less than 10%. In a list of 135 countries, India places 105, which is ridiculous.
     The gender discriminated is deep-rooted in the culture. We should think about the contribution of Kalpana chawla, Indira Gandhi,  Kiran bedi, Mother Teresa, Sumita Williams, Prathiba Williams. In sports, women have proved their place, examples P.T usha, Ashwini Nachappa , Anju Boby George etc. With keeping all the women in mind, we should change our mindset, prefers a male child, should prefer a female child. We should brought up the female child in an effective and efficient way. If it happens, the status of women in India, will grow further and further. 


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