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Role of opposition party in democracy like India

It has long been acknowledged by the democratic theory that, the role of opposition is one of the most fundamental components of the liberal democracy. The highest majority through the general election forms the ruling party and the second largest majority forms the opposite party. The fundamental role of opposition, is to maintain the normal function of democracy. But practically, the democracy means as such, the duty of opposition is to propose nothing, oppose everything and to turn out the Government.

     The presence of opposition itself is a big power to the parliament. It is the duty of the opposition to oppose the ruling government in power. A former member of the Canadian parliament “ the reading of history proves that freedom always dies when criticism dies”. The opposition has the responsibility to be fair in the criticism of government policies.  We can say in one word “ watch dog” of the ruling government.

     But, they fail to raise their voice, for the cause of t…

Role of NGO in social welfare in India

We would heard about this word often, NGO. What do you mean by NGO ? NGO - the abbreviation stands for Non Government organization. Practically, it means a Non-profit organization. Yes, they just work for the benefits of others, not for their own income. They are the good players in social welfare.

     NGO’s work for day to day to solve various kinds of problems, for children, for women, for handicapped , for physically challenged , for senior citizens, etc.  The aim differs from NGO to NGO.  Some work for underprivileged citizens of the country. Some work for the health and education of the children. Some work for AIDS , leprosy kind of major diseases. But, the end motive is to work for the welfare of the society. It helps to uplift the people who don’t have any source to grow.

Let us see the top 10 NGO’s in India :-

Samman foundation – They work towards the rickshaw pulling class of the people, by providing opportunities to live their normal livelihood . Goonj – Goonj is doing …

Role of NCC and NSS in student life

Role of  NCCand NSS in disaster management
     An interesting topic to discuss for. The full form of NSS is National service scheme and NCC means National cadet corps. All of us, would have crossed this during our school and college days. Many would have participated in that.

     Let’s first start with the NCC. NCC is an unit formed by the Indian military corps in Delhi. , in which the students participate themselves .  First, it was started in 1666 in Germany, in India it has started during 1948 and the girls division started in 1952. It spreads in all over the Universities, colleges and schools. Colleges and schools maintains a wing in their Institutes. The aim of the NCC is to develop character, discipline, leadership, the spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service among the youth of the Nation.

     The Motto of NCC is “ Unity and discipline”. Unity means the oneness, irrespective of the caste, color or creed. Discipline is the basic quality needed for all the youth…

Sustainable development in India

How can you define sustainable development ? 
     It is the development which meets the needs of the present, without affecting the future generation, for their essential needs.  To mean literally, sustainable development is the concept of needs, within the limitations of space. World, is a system , a system which connects  space and time. Practically speaks, if air is polluted in Asia, it will affects America too.

     Sustainable development, is helping the people to understand the world.  A steady state economy is the perfect meaning for the sustainable development. How important, the cultural diversity to the humans, the same importance we should give to the bio diversity of the nature. It meets the human needs according the resources available, means the sustainability of the natural systems and the environment.
Sustainable development includes everything. Sustainability in financial terms , which is not an easy task. As corporations implement a sophisticated sustainability envi…

Traffic problems in cities of India

As India is a developing Nation,  as a result of development in the economy , lot of changes in the culture and the people. And we are facing lot of issues. One of the main issue, is the traffic problems in the cities.
The impact of increasing trend in the income of an individual common man, people started taking lot of car loans , to lead a sophisticated life. A survey says, Indians bought 1.5 million cars in 2007, which is a double amount in 2003. In 2007-2008 alone, 9.6 million motorized vehicles were sold in India. The city population has been increased.  The migration of people from rural to urban areas, increased the population of the cities.

     A statistical research says, there are 4,000 cities and towns in India. About 27 percent of the population live in urban areas. About 400 cities have population more than 1,00,000 people. And 8 cities have population more than 3 million. India, is the second largest populated country, after china. Likewise, the spread of vehicles…

Controlling Crimes

Crime is a word which indicates an offence, an act doing harm not only for the individual also for community or a state or nation.  Crimes, may be of various types, a theft, a rape or a murder. But , the motive of  a crime is to hurt .

     Here, we are going to discuss about how to control crimes. Crime control needs in various areas. The wildlife crime control bureau has been established by the Ministry of Environment and forests, to control the crime actions, in forests. It has 5 headquarters all over India. The bureau will take care of the smuggling of trees in the forests. Forests are the greatest assets for our Nation.   Valuable goods are in the forests.  This bureau members live in the forests and maintains check posts and protects people to get into the forests. They protects hill stations too. They prevents illegal trading of the valuable trees.

     The next important crime control, we want to discuss about the prevention of crimes against women. In the recent decades…

Strikes and Bandhs are a menace of India

What does mean by Bandh ? 
Actually Bandh is Hindi word means “closed”. It is a common word used to specify the things which are shut downs and strikes.  The main objective of bandhs is to establish the power and show a strength of the opposing party, which calls for the bandh.  Strikes are of national strikes such closing of shops, the ban of transport on one day. The method of bandhs differs, according to the goals.
     Ok, let discuss in detail. Bandhs are usually towards a goal.  The political parties will perform this bandh towards a goal. The goal will be genuine, for a cause . Mostly, bandhs are conducted by communist parties, as they are the parties which have their direct control and contact with the trade unions (CITU). Strikes are of various types, according to the situation.

Sick- out – This strike will be done by the workers to make their employer to realize about the importance of their presence. Slow-down – They slowly reduce their work Sit-down strike – They refuse to …

Censorship in India

What do you mean by Censorship ? 
     Censorship legally defined as , the suppression or proscription of speech or writing that is deemed obscene, indecent or unduly controversial. It came from a Roman word, during in 443 BC.  Practically it means, cuts off. Yes, cuts off some words from speech or writing or from any movies. Today’s world came to know the word censor, out of movies only.
But, we have Censorship in various activities such as :-

Press Censorship – Book CensorshipInternet Censorship – Article or News censorshipMovie Censorship – Film Censorship
     If we talk about the press censorship, if some words in the book, which threatens the unity, integrity it should be removed from the books.  Press censorship was started during the period of our previous prime minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, in 1975. It has been created to ban the unwanted articles which may create social bias, or any riots. But, as press is the one and only weapon that can be used against the people who are mi…

Students and politics in India

The sensitive topic which we are going to discuss the student and politics. Politics can be defined as a science which deals with the promotion of the general welfare of the state and its people.  But practically the meaning differs, it involves the actions which are negative now. Politics is generally equated with agitation-constitutional or unconstitutional.

     In the recent decades, the politicians make the students involve in the politics.  In the daily newspaper, we can read a lot of news about the student violence and actions towards politics. Student power is the power of fire . The student power we can use in either ways, either positive or negative. They have to be channeled in a right way, in such a way to wisdom, to help himself and the nation.
The student involves themselves all over the world. In 2009, Cambridge university leads the student politics, which has been spread now across Britain. A study says, students contribute more in politics in the underdeveloped …

Tourism in India and Indian economic development

The word, which makes as enthusiastic is, Tourism . Yes, from the children to the adult , they love travelling. Now, we are going to discuss about the Tourism in India. Will be quite interesting to know about the tourist spots in India.

     First major point, tourism helps a lot in the Economic development of the Nation. India, has a separate Ministry for Tourism. The ministry will take care of the policies towards the tourism in India. India places 65th  place for Tourism, out of 144 countries in the world, in the report of Travel and Tourism conducted during 2013.

     If we segregate according to the States, about the tourism, Andhrapradesh plays the first position economically, because of Lord Venkateshwara, yes, the pilgrimage center, Tirupati gave that pride to that State. Places which have more pilgrimages, earns more money from tourism. Andhra Pradesh, has lot of Buddhist temples and pilgrimages, which is getting attracted by the people all over the country.

     The ne…

Distance education in india

A good scheme of Education in India is the Distance Education. It’s a good initiative through which people are learning Education via correspondence. The professors, the university will be on the one end and the students will be on the other end.
Method of Distance Education :-
Let we get some knowledge about the method of Distance Education. An Education without classrooms. Yes, for us when we talk about the Education, the first point which comes to our mind is the classrooms. But, in the distance education we don’t have classrooms or teachers.
Steps :-

Apply through online or postal , the degree or the course which they wish to studyPay the fees through banks, in the mode of Demand drafts, chalan, payable drafts, etc.The University will send the study materials to the place of students.They should appear for the exam, by paying the exam fees , through the mode of DD, etcThe Examination centers will be nationwide, they can write their exams in the place or the nearby centers where they…

Value of sports and games in our life

Sports, an interesting topic to discuss about. An energetic, enthusiastic activity is sports, which will make you healthy. An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team completes against another or others for entertainment. Sport comes from the Old French “desport” meaning “leisure”, an activity engaged in for relaxation and amusement.

     Games and sports will make our life healthy and happy. In ancient India, we had lot of games. Games like rowing, hunting, swimming and wrestling were very popular games in India. Now those games have been replaced by western nations. India is the nation who played hockey, before all the nations.
Games are of two kinds :-

Indoor games:- 

Table tennisChess Caram boardBilliardsCard games
2.  Outdoor games :-

CricketBasketballFootballTennisBatmintonHockey, etc
    Let we relate the youth generation and the sports :- Youth , is the perfect group of people, who can involve themselves in sports.  Sports is giving them q…

Importance of discipline in school students life

Life’s most important aspect is Discipline. Discipline can be defined as , the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience, or can be defined as a training to produce a specified character or pattern of behavior , which gives moral and mental improvement. Self- control actions, gives you disciplinary actions.

Where Discipline starts ? Home ? Class room ? Colleges ? . But it lies everywhere. We should learnt discipline according to our ages. And discipline should be lasts in our lifetime.  Discipline is treated as the power of a common individual person. Many leaders followed discipline in their life and just got success in their life .  Success arises with discipline, without discipline we can’t grow.
Let’s talk about the discipline lies with the school children. For the kids, discipline is important as because, that age is the foundation for their entire life. What all learnt in that age , will be helpful to them lifetime…

Reservation system in India

India is a country with thousands and thousands of castes. Since our Indus valley civilization, the caste system was there, according to their work culture. Some of the people are treated as low castes, and they suffered because of un-touchablity and some people suffered of low castes.  So, Indian government have made some regulations to make the lower caste people to grow, which is called Reservation system.

     The Indian constitution has a law to make the unprivileged classes at par with privileged or general ones.  There are lot of reservations such as Women reservation , reservation for physically challenged, reservation for economically backward classes, reservation for Scheduled castes, etc.
The idea of caste reservation system was introduced by William Hunter and was implemented by Chatrapate Shahuji in 1901. The term of the low caste has been named from depressed class to scheduled castes, by Ambedkar, during 1950. Ambedkar remains as an icon for minority people still…