Censorship in India

What do you mean by Censorship ? 
     Censorship legally defined as , the suppression or proscription of speech or writing that is deemed obscene, indecent or unduly controversial. It came from a Roman word, during in 443 BC.  Practically it means, cuts off. Yes, cuts off some words from speech or writing or from any movies. Today’s world came to know the word censor, out of movies only.
But, we have Censorship in various activities such as :-

  1. Press Censorship – Book Censorship
  2. Internet Censorship – Article or News censorship
  3. Movie Censorship – Film Censorship

     If we talk about the press censorship, if some words in the book, which threatens the unity, integrity it should be removed from the books.  Press censorship was started during the period of our previous prime minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, in 1975. It has been created to ban the unwanted articles which may create social bias, or any riots. But, as press is the one and only weapon that can be used against the people who are misusing the politics or any other thing. So , it has been ends with an emergency rule during 1977.

     Let’s come to the Internet Censorship.  Internet Censorship varies to country to country. The Democratic countries have moderate censorship. The developed countries go as far as to access the information . In a survey, 71% of the people said Need censorship in Internet. And in the same survey, 81% of the people say freedom of expression should be there for the Internet.  Web is almost like privately owned, so it differs.

     While discussing about the internet censorship, we should mention about the Obscenity and the sexual content. Watching or possessing pornographic  materials is fully legal, but the distribution is banned. But, it should be watch only by the people, who are 18 years and above. This will suit for films also. The Censorship committee, will give the rating as if Adult content, which cannot be opened people below 18 years.

     Let’s discuss more about the film censorship. The hot and the strict rules are there in the Film Censorship.  The censorship committee is known as The Central Board of Certification, regularly orders the directors to remove anything or deems offensive, sex, nudity or violence, or any subjects which create violence.
Supreme court of India levied that “ Film censorship is necessary because a film motivates thought and action as it has high attention and retention”. Many of the movies, got rejected to get published even.
     Some movies, they have cut the scenes and then they approved for the release. And to some movies, if the story gone if the scene got cut, they will give the “A” Adults only certificate on necessary rules.Some plays and dramas have also been removed by the Censorship committee.
In the recent decades, we can say lot of examples about the film censorship, the film “Vishwaroopam”, the movie “ Thalaiva”, both the movie directors struggled a lot, to release their movies.  The censorship committee varies from even to state to state. Some movies, the committee would think that, it will create violence in the particular state. The two movies are like that only.

Merits of Censorship :-

  1. The biggest advantage, it keeps the religious conflicts settled. 
  2. The Country’s military secrets are not leaking out.
  3. Prevent people doing some stupid risky actions of the reel heroes.
  4. Negative emotions are banned
  5. Censor on marketing, prevents people from gimmicks of false products

Demerits of Censorship :-

  1. The full creativity and idea will vanish
  2. Ban to create the Education of sex to the children
  3. Misusing the censor power, more than the limit.
  4. Preventing the press to enjoy their freedom
  5. Right to know is not at all done because of the Censorship.

But, I think Censorship is necessary to keep our country peaceful. We, India is a country which has lot of cultures, and numerous religions and castes and languages. To such a country, Censorship is important, to keep its value. 


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