Controlling Crimes

     Crime is a word which indicates an offence, an act doing harm not only for the individual also for community or a state or nation.  Crimes, may be of various types, a theft, a rape or a murder. But , the motive of  a crime is to hurt .

     Here, we are going to discuss about how to control crimes. Crime control needs in various areas. The wildlife crime control bureau has been established by the Ministry of Environment and forests, to control the crime actions, in forests. It has 5 headquarters all over India. The bureau will take care of the smuggling of trees in the forests. Forests are the greatest assets for our Nation.   Valuable goods are in the forests.  This bureau members live in the forests and maintains check posts and protects people to get into the forests. They protects hill stations too. They prevents illegal trading of the valuable trees.

     The next important crime control, we want to discuss about the prevention of crimes against women. In the recent decades, there are lot of crimes happened against women. The crimes against women are of in various ways, rape, gang rape, child marriage, sexual harassment, dowry. The recent Delhi gang rape shakes the whole world , and made to limelight all the crimes happened against women. Our Indian law has created a law against the Violence against women Act with new punishments .

How we can prevent the crimes against the women ?

  1. Punishing the criminal, will create a fear on the people who try to do criminal acts
  2. Not blaming the victim, because women will get discouraged from reporting the crime
  3. Let know the criminals they would be responsible for their crimes
  4. Ensure support for the women who come forward and boldly report the criminals
  5. Media campaigns to education, not to trouble the women

And, the most important crimes, we have to discuss about in the recent decade is the cyber crimes. The Information Technology Act passed in 2000, to protect this cyber crimes. A joint rule has been made between US and India, during 2006 to prevent this cyber crimes. Spam, hacking and fraudulent activities in internet, can be stated as cyber crimes. Nowadays, this widespread social networks like facebook, twitter, orkut are doing lot of crimes , indulging in individual’s privacy, and that can be addressed as cyber crimes.  Lot of lives are lost through that.

     The politicians use corruption and crimes to grow themselves. Politicians took the police force to make their desire to come true. Some of the police involve themselves, in misconduct.  Corruption and crimes are widespread in India. The policemen during the custody, tortures the people and make the confession.
Lot of crimes are prevailing in India. The crimes and the list of crimes are on the increasing trend.  Crimes against foreigners, pick pocketing, bribes, ATM hacking, evasion of tax etc and we can put so many etc’s.
Ok, let’s discuss about the factors responsible for crimes and the factors which affect crimes ?
Less manpower – To talk about the manpower, the policemen are not enough to control the crimes, as because the crimes are more than the number of policemen
Expense –  To get the judgement, the expense of law is more. Yes, that is the major reason for the increase in the crimes.  For Example, if your 5 soverign of jewel got theft, you might have to spend 10 soverign worth of money, to get that.
Time – The policemen don’t have proper time allotment to schedule for the criminals. If they concentrate on the big criminal activities, the small criminals like theft, pickpockets and all got increased.
Awareness – We are not making the judicial officers to know about the crime. We are not ready to come forward to point out a crime, which happened before us.
Who are responsible ? To conclude this discussion, let me say “ we citizens of India, are responsible, for each and every crime of our Nation” 


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