Distance education in india

A good scheme of Education in India is the Distance Education. It’s a good initiative through which people are learning Education via correspondence. The professors, the university will be on the one end and the students will be on the other end.
Method of Distance Education :-
Let we get some knowledge about the method of Distance Education. An Education without classrooms. Yes, for us when we talk about the Education, the first point which comes to our mind is the classrooms. But, in the distance education we don’t have classrooms or teachers.
Steps :-

  1. Apply through online or postal , the degree or the course which they wish to study
  2. Pay the fees through banks, in the mode of Demand drafts, chalan, payable drafts, etc.
  3. The University will send the study materials to the place of students.
  4. They should appear for the exam, by paying the exam fees , through the mode of DD, etc
  5. The Examination centers will be nationwide, they can write their exams in the place or the nearby centers where they live in. 

     Distance education is a means of communication of Education. It is useful for the students who don’t have enough facilities to go and learn in the college. It is useful for vast people.  People who are working can utilize this facility. Its useful especially for the women gender. Women, basically have the tendency to learn anytime. So, housewives are learning through this.  And it is useful for the promotions in the workplace.

     The number of students who enrolled in Distance Education in India, crossed 10 million, which is tremendous.  The DEC ( Distance Education council ) has levied certain principles and guidelines to the universities, which are listed under the approval of Distance Education. More than 20 Universities  are there in Tamilnadu, which has the facility of Distance Education.
In an article . “Times of India” mentioned as Distance Education has been made easy, and it has mentioned a good note about the IGNOU – Indira Gandhi Open University, which made a giant step in the Distance Education.  And, distance Education has been made popular among all the students.
Youth time has released the list of Top 10 best Universities in India :-
The most popular University – IGNOU

  1. Annamalai University
  2. Osmania University 
  3. Sikkim Manipal University
  4. Nalanda Open University
  5. Symbiosis open University
  6. University of Madras
  7. Mahatma Gandhi University
  8. Karnataka state open University
  9. ICFAI University

Merits :-

  1. People at one state can learn from any other university which they are wish to learn ( For Eg :- people from Madurai , can learn from University of Madras, and people who stay in Madras, can learn through Madurai University, if they wish)
  2. People have the time to learn their Under graduate and many don’t have time to breathe to finish their Post Graduate, so most of the people are learning their Post graduation, under distance Education. 
  3. People who stays in the remote areas, are getting benefits by learning via Distance Education
  4. People who are not well being financially, also learning through Distance Education, as they can learn while they work. 

     Now, the Distance Education, came as E- learning, a result of advancement of the Technology. People can learn through Online. They can download the study materials and can write the exams online. Technology is approved. But some disadvantages are also there in learning distance. They may not get the proper knowledge. Classroom Education are always better than the distance learning. Practical knowledge will be missing for the people who are learning distance.
     In spite of demerits, Distance Education plays a vital role in the life of the people. It helps to increase the standard of Education and the living of the people. 


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