Importance of discipline in school students life

Life’s most important aspect is Discipline. Discipline can be defined as , the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience, or can be defined as a training to produce a specified character or pattern of behavior , which gives moral and mental improvement. Self- control actions, gives you disciplinary actions.

Where Discipline starts ? Home ? Class room ? Colleges ? . But it lies everywhere. We should learnt discipline according to our ages. And discipline should be lasts in our lifetime.  Discipline is treated as the power of a common individual person. Many leaders followed discipline in their life and just got success in their life .  Success arises with discipline, without discipline we can’t grow.
Let’s talk about the discipline lies with the school children. For the kids, discipline is important as because, that age is the foundation for their entire life. What all learnt in that age , will be helpful to them lifetime. While they became adults, they can teach their own children, about the discipline. A successful parent is the one who makes the child ready for the adulthood. So, if they learn discipline, sure in future they will be a responsible adult.

How Discipline helps children ?

  • Discipline help the children to manage their anxiety
  • It teaches children to manage emotions
  • And a child can be good in selecting between the choices. 
  • Discipline is keeping the kids safer

Discipline is of prime importance in every sphere of man’s life.  Discipline is the backbone of the political life of a nation. Discipline is necessary for both the teacher and the students.  Discipline is the cement that binds an army. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of a nation, has greatly stressed the need for discipline among people.  Discipline is everywhere and all the time, wherever we go, it comes. To cross a road, some proper disciplinary actions are there.  If it comes to the family, the other members follow the father .
     But, in the recent decades, India has faced lot of in disciplinary actions.  We can heard lot of news like, students behave rude with the teachers. This happens because of that the students are not following the discipline. But the real truth of discipline, we should fear on someone to follow the discipline. If it’s a school, we should have a fear and respect on teachers. If it comes as office, we should have a fear and respect on our higher officials.  Yes, Discipline comes out of fear and respect.  Students nowadays, don’t have fear on parents or on the teachers or for the government, so they misbehave. Numerous cases are against the students in disciplinary actions.
Discipline lies in all the relationships, especially friendships. People can retain the relationships, if we follow the discipline. In the recent decades, I can say the discipline is gone in the opposite gender friendship.

Why children behave in disciplinary ?

  • The main reason is our thirst towards the money, parents busy with earning money, not caring on the students. 
  • Teachers are not caring about the discipline. Just need the academic result.
  • We started doing activities, which we don’t want. 
  • The cultural imbalance. 
  • Another major reason, is the family system, yes in the nuclear family system we don’t have elder people to give us advises and regulatory actions. 
  • Media – spoiling the discipline of the children and even the adults.

To conclude this topic, we should do our self efforts to brought up our children with good discipline. Discipline is the responsibility of one’s own actions and behaviors and not others. And self-discipline is the one we can teach yourself. Live a disciplinary life, in this new era.


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