Reservation system in India

     India is a country with thousands and thousands of castes. Since our Indus valley civilization, the caste system was there, according to their work culture. Some of the people are treated as low castes, and they suffered because of un-touchablity and some people suffered of low castes.  So, Indian government have made some regulations to make the lower caste people to grow, which is called Reservation system.

     The Indian constitution has a law to make the unprivileged classes at par with privileged or general ones.  There are lot of reservations such as Women reservation , reservation for physically challenged, reservation for economically backward classes, reservation for Scheduled castes, etc.
The idea of caste reservation system was introduced by William Hunter and was implemented by Chatrapate Shahuji in 1901. The term of the low caste has been named from depressed class to scheduled castes, by Ambedkar, during 1950. Ambedkar remains as an icon for minority people still today.
The Objectives of Reservation system are :-
To make the lower community people upcome in the society.
Have to ensure that proper political representations of minority cases.
And the main objective , the minority community should not get discriminated under job selection and promotion

Why the reservation system is more involving in the lower caste people ? 
     Lot of people think that , the lower caste people are not fit enough to get the job or Education. It is not like that. For lot of periods, the ‘upper caste ‘ discriminated the ‘ lower caste’ even though they are smart and good enough with all the capabilities to learn and grow. So, its now have given to the lower caste people, to make the society, balanced .  People who are not all affordable, are really getting benefited with this reservation system.
     But, we have negative approaches also from this reservation system. People are misusing this. Some people indulge themselves,  in giving duplicate certificate, showing their castes lower than actually what they are. This is ridiculous.  If it happens, what is the use of giving the reservation system. Sometimes, its not at all going to the proper persons, who are in really need .  Many of them are misusing it.
     Another, negative part is , people who are all already got settled, as using the benefits from the society. Even in the schools and colleges, people who are well-being financially, are getting the scholarships for Scheduled castes, and they are growing more and more.   Up to some percentage, really people are growing up.
     But, the worst part is reservation system, is working on the reverse.  Now again, some section of people are growing and some people are losing their growth. Again, we can see the imbalance in the society. Yes, the main objective of the reservation system is to create a balanced society. But, that reservation system itself is creating an imbalanced society.  Some students and professionals are not at all capable to compete at the global level. India, lacks in the growth and development with the undeserving candidates. There are changes in the per capita Income, because of this reservation system.      And, the politicians play a high upper hand in the reservation system, supporting their own castes, which is again awful.
How can we make the reservation system effective in India ?
     There was a quota system in US, and later they just abolished it. Its working for the underprivileged classes for the society, at the same time, they are not leaving the eligible candidates. India, should follow the same. Reservation system, should not leave the effective and eligible candidates,because  of their caste.  We can see people who score high marks are suffering to get seats in colleges, because they born in upper caste, nowadays . Politicians should stop misusing the reservation system during elections. Education should not be a part of the politics. We should make the grow the right people and at the right time.  This all ,will make the reservation system, effective in India.


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