Role of NCC and NSS in student life

Role of  NCCand NSS in disaster management
     An interesting topic to discuss for. The full form of NSS is National service scheme and NCC means National cadet corps. All of us, would have crossed this during our school and college days. Many would have participated in that.

     Let’s first start with the NCC. NCC is an unit formed by the Indian military corps in Delhi. , in which the students participate themselves .  First, it was started in 1666 in Germany, in India it has started during 1948 and the girls division started in 1952. It spreads in all over the Universities, colleges and schools. Colleges and schools maintains a wing in their Institutes. The aim of the NCC is to develop character, discipline, leadership, the spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service among the youth of the Nation.

     The Motto of NCC is “ Unity and discipline”. Unity means the oneness, irrespective of the caste, color or creed. Discipline is the basic quality needed for all the youth of this Nation. The college and schools will issue a NCC certificate. This certificate has more validity. They will arrange NCC camps to make the people trained in the services of parades and military training in small arms. They have a NCC song” Ham sabh Bhartiya Hain”.
Let’s discuss the benefits of NCC :-

  • Having NCC Certificate, will give an opportunity in Army
  • Reservation in State government officers
  • Large number of NCC cadets eligible for scholarships ranging from 2,000 to 30,000
  • Many private industries give preferences to NCC “C” certificate holders for various jobs. 
  • NCC develops all round confidence and responsibility

     And, there are lot of privileges and concessions also for that. There are about 13,380 cadets and 223 institutions throughout the country. They provide a chance to young people to experience how life is in the security services of the country. Out of the total strength of NCC in the country, they select a few of them and made them to participate in the parades of the Nation. They are not recruiting organizations, but though 40% of the graduating cadets find themselves in the security services. The Army, Airforce and Navy have separate battalions for the NCC.

     Let we talk about NSS, the national service scheme, from the name itself we can understood. The NSS is at college levels . In some colleges, they made it compulsory to join in NSS. The wing NSS will train the people how to do services for our nation and created volunteers for various services in the country, such as traffic controls, temple rush controls, etc. They learnt the people about the services which we can render to the society.

     NSS, comes under the Ministry of Youth affairs and sports. It was launched on Gandhiji’s birth year, 1969 with 37 universities involving in the NSS scheme and over 40000 students involved in this, whose focus is to develop their personality through community service.  Now, it has more than 3.72 crores of students from the colleges, universities and colleges, numerically we can say 300 institutions.
In colleges, they will arrange for NSS camps. The government will fund for the NSS camps. The NSS students will stay in the villages for some days and they will render services to the village. The services are , cleaning, creating awareness about the hygienic conditions, create awareness about the literacy and serve the old people of that village. The main benefit is they get adjusted to the village environment. They plays, street shows and dramas to entertain and educate the people of the village. The Village may be rural village or a city suburb.
The objectives of the NSS scheme are :-

  • The students has to understand themselves their relation to the community
  • Identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them
  • Developing social and civic responsibility
  • Improving leadership quality 
  • Practice National integration
  • Developing the social harmony skills

Most of the Government and Government-aided Institutions have NSS units. Each unit have 20 – 30 students. The private institutions are encouraged to have NSS units. 


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