Role of opposition party in democracy like India

     It has long been acknowledged by the democratic theory that, the role of opposition is one of the most fundamental components of the liberal democracy. The highest majority through the general election forms the ruling party and the second largest majority forms the opposite party. The fundamental role of opposition, is to maintain the normal function of democracy. But practically, the democracy means as such, the duty of opposition is to propose nothing, oppose everything and to turn out the Government.

     The presence of opposition itself is a big power to the parliament. It is the duty of the opposition to oppose the ruling government in power. A former member of the Canadian parliament “ the reading of history proves that freedom always dies when criticism dies”. The opposition has the responsibility to be fair in the criticism of government policies.  We can say in one word “ watch dog” of the ruling government.

     But, they fail to raise their voice, for the cause of the public. They simply criticizes. They fail to compel the government to do welfare rocks. They never try to extend their support to the ruling party in their welfare measures. Their aim is to win the next election, not for the current issues.
The opposition had fought for the protection of democracy during the emergency time. They adjourned the parliaments, sometimes for the national interests too.

Duties of the opposite government :-
The opposite party should have the capacity to promote responsible and reasonable debate – Through healthy debates they should be ready to promote national welfares
The ruling party has the tendency to hide themselves after the election, the opposition party brings the ruling party, with their voice and make them to do the ministerial duties. This creates a bond between the citizens and the opposite party.
They should be able to act as role models for the future leaders, their act should be in such a way that, they have to rule the Government in future.

  • It should acts as a watch dog for the ruling government for its commissions or omissions.  
  • They should earn good name and a name of “ Government in waiting”
  • It should strengthen the culture of democracy.

     While, we talk about the opposite party, we can’t forget Mr. Narendra Modi, the contraversian politician of our Nation. And many leaders effectively did the part of the opposition in India. Sushma swaraj , she is one of the most effective opponent leaders in India. L.K. Advani, was also a significant leader. But history says, the leaders are efficient in opponent. But, they fail to rule properly. According to Indian politics, the BJP and the Congress shared the ruling and the opponent parties for the past  decades.
If we talk about the year 2013, the most powerful opposite party BJP has won in the elections, done during the last year, is shown the opposite face towards against the Indian National congress. A statistics says that, 1.2 billion people would be selecting the BJP in the May 2014 election.  People felt that congress placed corruption in India, more.

     To conclude this topic, I can say, the politicians should perform their duty, instead of earning. Whoever may be the party, whether it is ruling or opposite, they should work for the benefit of the people, not for their self benefit.

     And we, people, blindly should not make the opposite party to won in the next election. We should, think well whether, they will be doing benefit for the country. 


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