Strikes and Bandhs are a menace of India

What does mean by Bandh ? 
Actually Bandh is Hindi word means “closed”. It is a common word used to specify the things which are shut downs and strikes.  The main objective of bandhs is to establish the power and show a strength of the opposing party, which calls for the bandh.  Strikes are of national strikes such closing of shops, the ban of transport on one day. The method of bandhs differs, according to the goals.
     Ok, let discuss in detail. Bandhs are usually towards a goal.  The political parties will perform this bandh towards a goal. The goal will be genuine, for a cause . Mostly, bandhs are conducted by communist parties, as they are the parties which have their direct control and contact with the trade unions (CITU). Strikes are of various types, according to the situation.

  • Sick- out – This strike will be done by the workers to make their employer to realize about the importance of their presence. 
  • Slow-down – They slowly reduce their work 
  • Sit-down strike – They refuse to work, and sit outside the work place. 
  • Sympathy strike – Lot of unions get united and get sympathize strikes.
  • General strike – A particular region will perform strikes for a common issue.

While performing the strikes, the persons should get knowledge from countries like Russia and China We can see the day light in their attitude. Slowly, their aim is getting reduced . Frequent bundhs will give that effect.  But if we talk about the most powerful nation, Japan. Their way of strike will be of healthy way. For Example, if the leather factory workers perform the strike, they will do one leg shoes and not the other leg shoes. This is the brilliant way to express their opposition against the employers. No loss also happen , at the same time they can get their goals reached.

      Nation strikes mostly done by the opposition parties. If the present government is not doing any welfare or any issues, the opposite party use the opportunity and show their power.  Usually, the strikes will be for the increase in the rates of the petrol, vegetables, etc. This happens often in our country. But while performing strikes for welfare measures, we should think it of the realization that economy and welfare will not be in the level which we wish for. It depends on the situations.
     If the strikes and bandhs are the only solution to get achieved the goals. The number of strikes and bandhs held in our country, should have been made our country a most powerful nations, by this time. But, it didn’t happen. So, strikes and bandhs are not only the solution to get our goals. The political parties should not waste the resources and the manpower for their own selfish thoughts. Each and every election, there will be a change. We should accept.

     Many times, the strikes and bandhs creates a different problem, instead of solving the problem. The public will get affected. The normal life  will get affected. Many national strikes ends in a negative result. Instead of achieving the goal, many times we lost the lives also.

     Actually, legally supreme court ban the bandh during 1998. But, the political parties still organize them. We can’t forget the Akshardham attack in Gujarat, in which the national bandh results in traffic incident. Petrol hike strikes have become common in our country. But, no result.
During the bandhs, the political parties expects the people to stay at home and not report to work. But, they should think it of that, people have to live their day to day life. Nowadays, bandh has become a fear , a tool of protest.
     The aim of the strikes and bandhs, may be good but the way it is getting performed is not good.
Our Government are giving safety measures in performing a strike.


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