Students and politics in India

     The sensitive topic which we are going to discuss the student and politics. Politics can be defined as a science which deals with the promotion of the general welfare of the state and its people.  But practically the meaning differs, it involves the actions which are negative now. Politics is generally equated with agitation-constitutional or unconstitutional.

     In the recent decades, the politicians make the students involve in the politics.  In the daily newspaper, we can read a lot of news about the student violence and actions towards politics. Student power is the power of fire . The student power we can use in either ways, either positive or negative. They have to be channeled in a right way, in such a way to wisdom, to help himself and the nation.
The student involves themselves all over the world. In 2009, Cambridge university leads the student politics, which has been spread now across Britain. A study says, students contribute more in politics in the underdeveloped countries. In USA, an association named NSFA ( National student federation of America ) found in 1925. It has been maintained by the students of America, and it involves themselves in international affairs. In Africa, the black and white discrimination riots has been conducted by students , to get the discrimination rid of out of the country.

     If we talk about India, even though the purpose of the students is to study. They have so many activities to indulge themselves. Yes, man is a social being. So, people should not fear that students should not indulge in politics. But we should think that, activation and understanding the politics are quite different. Students should understand politics.  If a student want to participate himself in the politics, the major point he has to think about is he should deviate himself from his academic interest.
If we talk about the student and the politics, the major thing we have to discuss is about the magazines.
     The India Leader, a famous student newspaper plays a vital role in the Indian politics.  The student magazine in Bangalore, is the great asset for the Bangalore politics. Usually students will always be interested in participating in games, sports, eager to view cinemas and theaters.  Another main criteria, made the students to participate in the politics is the college Elections. Manpower and money plays dominant role in college elections.  This give their first step to get into the Indian politics. It is high time that student should participate effectively in politics. Because, we got fed up with the ageing politicians. Students, with their young and dynamic feel can bring India in better way.

     Students have new ideas to achieve greater progress.  Students participating in union elections will help students develop leadership qualities.  Many politicians got succeed by using the students power, for their selfish growth. They made students strong and rude to achieve their goals. Student power is limited ,  but their anger and revolt we can prove contagious.

     During 60’s the student radicalism was not invented, but now in the recent decades, we can see lot of riots and struggles against the wrong actions of Government, towards the politics.   To conclude this topic, Student power is a mass power. The politicians, should not use them for a wrong way. Students can be mould either way, positive or negative. They are like fires. Use the fire to show a right path, don’t use the fire to ruin the country. Just use them to enlighten the country. 


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