Tourism in India and Indian economic development

     The word, which makes as enthusiastic is, Tourism . Yes, from the children to the adult , they love travelling. Now, we are going to discuss about the Tourism in India. Will be quite interesting to know about the tourist spots in India.

     First major point, tourism helps a lot in the Economic development of the Nation. India, has a separate Ministry for Tourism. The ministry will take care of the policies towards the tourism in India. India places 65th  place for Tourism, out of 144 countries in the world, in the report of Travel and Tourism conducted during 2013.

     If we segregate according to the States, about the tourism, Andhrapradesh plays the first position economically, because of Lord Venkateshwara, yes, the pilgrimage center, Tirupati gave that pride to that State. Places which have more pilgrimages, earns more money from tourism. Andhra Pradesh, has lot of Buddhist temples and pilgrimages, which is getting attracted by the people all over the country.

     The next state, which contributes to the economy, through Tourism is, Kerala, the God’s own country. If we think about kerala, you will get attracted by the beauty of the nature. That is the real Nature’s gift of God. The kerala backwaters, with the Animals and birds. The house boats in Kerala, yields India , a larger rate of Income. We should be blessed to the see the backwaters and the trees there. Full of Greenish in style. The resorts along the side of shores of backwaters, is an added value. The resorts in the mountains. The whole Kerala is a Tourist spot.

     Along with that, the states of Arunachal Pradesh contribute major part for Tourism. Delhi, the capital city of India , with its cute Taj mahal contributes, yes, one of the seven wonders of the world, is in India. Qutub minor in Delhi, is the favorite spot in Delhi. Tamilnadu and Maharashtra with its lot of Temples and hill stations contributes a lot to the Economy. Both the places are attracted by the Domestic and the International travelers.

The Top 10 Tourist spots of the Nation are :-

  1. The Kerala backwaters 
  2. The Lake palace in the City of Udaipur
  3. The Virupaksha Temple in the City of Hampi
  4. The Palolem in Goa
  5. The Kanha National Park
  6. The Harmandir Sahib, known as Golden Temple in Amristar
  7. The Jaisalmer in Rajasthan
  8. The Ajanta Caves
  9. The Varanasi
  10. Taj Mahal


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