Traffic problems in cities of India

     As India is a developing Nation,  as a result of development in the economy , lot of changes in the culture and the people. And we are facing lot of issues. One of the main issue, is the traffic problems in the cities.
The impact of increasing trend in the income of an individual common man, people started taking lot of car loans , to lead a sophisticated life. A survey says, Indians bought 1.5 million cars in 2007, which is a double amount in 2003. In 2007-2008 alone, 9.6 million motorized vehicles were sold in India. The city population has been increased.  The migration of people from rural to urban areas, increased the population of the cities.

     A statistical research says, there are 4,000 cities and towns in India. About 27 percent of the population live in urban areas. About 400 cities have population more than 1,00,000 people. And 8 cities have population more than 3 million. India, is the second largest populated country, after china. Likewise, the spread of vehicles is congested.

     The cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata have 5% of Indian population, but the cities have 14% of India’s registered vehicles. This is creating the traffic. And another reason for the traffic issues is the worst road transport. The expansion in the road, is not equal to the increase in the vehicles.
And , the major reason is the manufacturing of the chepest car, Tata Nano, priced at Rs. 100,000 has made tremendous growth in the  increase in the number of cars. To says in the numerical value, the country’s auto market increased by 65 percent.  The Mumbai Traffic police states the real reason of the problem.  Length of the roads, increased by 2 times between 1951 to 2007, whereas the population increased 5.4 times and the number of vehicles increased to 43 times.  Now, you can understand the reason for the traffic problems.
And, the increase in the number of companies, Industries and IT companies , is an added value to the increase in the traffic.  In cities, like Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai, strongly we can see the traffic is due to the software companies buses in and around the city.

     To solve this issue, the Government should take measures on the public transport and increase the service and the quality of the Public transport.  The Implementation of Metro trains are also a good initiative to the current scenario of traffic. And, its necessary to build the flyovers, overpasses and the underground subways in more numbers.

     And the head offices, universities and hospitals are in the hot of the city, which will pull a vast number or people , results in high traffic. Apart from Hospitals, we can move still more the universities and head offices to the outskirts of the city.  We should create awareness about the traffic rules to the people and should encourage the people to follow the traffic rules and the traffic laws.

     The Traffic police force should be still more tighten by the government. We can see , lot of traffic policemen are monitor only during their wallets are empty. They should be work according to the salary they drawn from the Government.  Simply, they bribe and not following the rules properly. They should concise and strict more enough to solve this traffic issues. And , the reshapes and reconstructions of the road are required.  The roads should be properly maintained.  The heavy vehicles such as lorries, trucks, should have a separate time and they should not confuse in the peak hours of the society.

     And another major reason for the traffic congestion is the metropolitan culture. Yes, the high buildings and lot of new constructions, gated communities all around the city blocked the roads. And, an important reason, is the culture of the shopping malls. We can see in the roads of Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai, outside the malls, the cars and the two wheelers, which blocks the road for hours.

     And, again all this kind of issues are because of us, and we can’t blame any other factors.  The first and the foremost key to solve this issue, is the individual manners and the patience. Yes, if each and every individual obey the traffic rules and laws, and patience to go in an orderly manner while huge transports in the road. This will reduce this traffic problem a lot. 


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