Value of sports and games in our life

     Sports, an interesting topic to discuss about. An energetic, enthusiastic activity is sports, which will make you healthy. An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team completes against another or others for entertainment. Sport comes from the Old French “desport” meaning “leisure”, an activity engaged in for relaxation and amusement.

     Games and sports will make our life healthy and happy. In ancient India, we had lot of games. Games like rowing, hunting, swimming and wrestling were very popular games in India. Now those games have been replaced by western nations. India is the nation who played hockey, before all the nations.
Games are of two kinds :-

  1. Indoor games:- 

  • Table tennis
  • Chess 
  • Caram board
  • Billiards
  • Card games

     2.  Outdoor games :-

  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Batminton
  • Hockey, etc

    Let we relate the youth generation and the sports :- Youth , is the perfect group of people, who can involve themselves in sports.  Sports is giving them quotas in Education, a healthy life. And the thirst of sports, will make them to grow in their life.  Many sports person are coming even from the lower class of people. The competition aspect of sports, make the people to watch it.
     When we talk about Games and sports, Olympic games will come to our mind. Olympic games is an event where all the nations of the world will participate and prove themselves and won medals. Winning a medal in the Olympic games is a pride to the nation. In the Olympic games, those who practiced a sport professionally will be allowed to participate.
     Technology plays a major role in the modern sport.  Sports science is an academic discipline, which is used for all the analysis of sports. Sports engineering, introduced in 1988 in also an increasing discipline. It is indulged in not only the materials design, but also in the technology in sport. With the help of the usage in the technology, sports has been grown.
     Another important aspect, which gave value to the sports and games is the media. Media made the people to live with the sports. It covers the people all over the world. Nationalism is often evident in the pursuit of sports.  Patriotic feel measured in sports, may be it’s a positive or negative aspect.
     And some negative aspects India is facing, in the recent decades. Money plays a major role to get involved in sports. People who don’t have necessary facilities in some villages, are lagging because of their financial position. Politicians plays a major role to dig them and make their own intra circle persons to grow in the sports.
     Government should make necessary steps to make the sports persons to grow. They should get proper encouragement and we should make them in the limelight .  If we know any poor child interested in sports and not getting the proper support. Help them, friends.


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