Indian festivals and our traditions

The topic which we got enthusiasm, while talking itself . Yes, our own Indian festivals. India, is a country of different religions, different cultures, different customs. Likewise, we have lot of festivals, with lot of formalities, customs. Let we discuss, on that, religion wise.
Hindus, they have lot of festivals. The top popular Hindus festivals are :-
Diwali :- It’s a five day festival. The custom and the practices of Diwali, differs between the North Indians and the South Indians. Its known as the “ Festival of lights”. They wear new dresses, play crackers, prepare sweets and all the relatives and friends will share and enjoy the festival. It is celebrated on the memory of the vadham of Narahasuran, by the Lord Krishna.
Ganesh Chathurthi :- The Ganesh Chathurthi is a festival, which celebrates the birthday of the Lord Ganesha, they prepare sweets and in all the temples, poojas will be done. And, another important thing, they make Ganesha statues out of mud, beautifully decorated, and again after that they will dissolve it in the sea.
Holi :- Holi is a two day festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil. It’s known to be the “Festival of colours”. They have parties and sprinkle colour powders, color mixed with water , etc.
Navaratri :- The first nine days festival are known as Navaratri. Its filled with dance in honor to the Mother Goddess. The tenth day is celebrated on the memory of the vadham of Ravana by Rama. It shows the victory of the Mother Goddess, accompanied. It also accompanied by the Goddess of Education, Goddess of Wealth. People will celebrate in their shops and homes.
Onam :- Onam is a festival of the keraletes.Its a ten day harvest festival, it is a rich festival in culture and heritage. People decorate with Flower Rangoli outside and inside their houses. They serve sweets, do dances, and new clothes, especially onam sarees.
Pongal :- It’s a special festival for the Tamilnadu people. Its specially for the harvest time. In other states, they celebrate this day as Sankranti.
Let we come to the Chrisitan festivals :- Christianity is also the major group of people in India, as being the secular state. Their most important festival are :-
Christmas :- Christmans is the most important festival with fun and frolic. Dec 25th of every year, will be celebrated , as that day Jesus Christ born. After that, the New year was specially for the Christians, but nowadays all the religion people are celebrating it.
Good Friday :- Good Friday is the day in memory of Jesus christ’s death. So they wont celebrate with fun. Simply, they will pray.
Easter :- Another important festival for the Christians, which day they believe that, Lord Jesus came alive on the 3rd day . It will fall on a Sunday , every year. They will celebrate this after 48 days of fasting.
And, being a secular nation, Muslims festivals also plays a dominant role in India.
Bakra Eid :- Bakra Eid is an  important festival for the Muslims.
Ramadan :- Ramadan is a festival , which is celebrated after the fasting month. They will keep fasting for 40 days, without any food on the day time and they will eat only before sunrise and after sunset.
Muharram :- Muharram is a sacred festival to the Muslims. As like the Good Friday to the Chrisitans, they feel sacred on the day, on memory of their died people.
Thus, India is full with the festivals of all the Religions, based on the region, custom and the culture. 


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