National Security

The most required need for the  country is National security. With which, a nation can live peacefully. National power can be obtained through the influence of economic power, political power and diplomacy. To tell the meaning literally, it can be defined as “ the protection or the safety of a country’s secrets and its citizens”.
We need various kinds of national security.  It has been segregated according to the areas where, we need security for our nation.

  1. Military security – the first and the foremost security need for our country , ancient form of security. The military force protects our country.
  2. Political security – it is inter related to the military power. It helps to maintain the stability of political power
  3. Economic security – In ancient periods, the conquest of nations are happening , this induce for economic security. Modern period required economic security as if military security.
  4. Environmental security – The change in the climate may ruin the nation , so environmental security is a must.
  5. Cyber security – This is the most important security we need in the recent decades. Lot of cyber attacks are happening in the nation. 

To talk about the cyber crimes, during the past year, there has been 200 attacks on core critical infrastructures in the transportation, energy and communication industries. Most of the Internet’s infrastructure through which malware is delivered in the private sector’s hands.  So too are the banking, energy and transportation sectors are vulnerable in attacks. Over the next few years, the hackers will become more sophisticated. A shortage of network security experts are lacking in both Government and private sectors.
The factors which affect the Internal national security are :-

  • Terrorism
  • Corruption 
  • Maoist 
  • Weak state structure
  • Drug trafficking and smuggling
  • Rise in intolerance and fundamendalism
  • Illegal immigratin
  • Illegal money transfers

The above factors affect the Internal security of the country. It spoils the nation. Inspite of rise in the literacy, there are increase in the Terrorism, corruption , etc. These are all results of the weakness in the political state of the nation.

Some negative factors, which affect to get success in the National security :-

  • Military acting as a politico-military engagement, this should be changed
  • The Tamil Elam and LTTE issue affect the national security, lot of riots are happening. There should be a decision for the Tamil Elam issue
  • Law and order, should be strict more enough , to maintain the peace.
  • The youth are getting spoiled in cyber crimes, proper actions should be taken to save them. 


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